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Engage every student, with aleX

The Adaptive Learning Experience, or aleX for short, is a platform to help build community and provide the highest quality experience for all in the education space.

Meet aleX

Made up of three distinct parts, the Digital Learning Assistant (QBot), Analytics Engine and Provisioning Engine work together to engage your community with a focus on the experience for students, educators and the institution.

Digital Learning Assistant

At the core of the aleX platform is a sophisticated Digital Learning Assistant, QBot. Originally developed to enhance remote learning and promote a sense of community between educators and students during the COVID-19 pandemic, QBot uses AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to:

  • Automate the response to common questions, by creating a centralised self-building knowledge base that leverages the questions from, and interactions with, all students to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge
  • Leverage AI to provide teaching staff with proactive recommendations for teaching interventions that can address individual  student needs

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Analytics Engine

Designed to track engagement, the in-built Analytics Engine presents data to both students and educators using custom dashboards that can:

  • Highlight the overall engagement of each student
  • Track workgroups and collaboration partners within each student group
  • Identify centres of influence with each team
  • Highlight potential areas of concern for ‘at risk’ students
  • Allow teaching staff to make informed decisions about each student and how to deliver improved outcomes

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Provisioning Engine

Integrating directly into your institution’s LMS (learning management system), the provisioning engine helps:

  • Reduce the workload on Teaching and IT Staff to administer workgroups
  • Replicate course structures between the LMS and the collaboration environment

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Designed to meet the needs of the modern university

The tertiary institution of 2021 faces a range of issues never seen before. From a rapidly changing landscape, to budgetary restrictions and the move to online learning, aleX can help your university thrive in times of flux.

Improve student performance

By personalising every aspect of the learning experience to suit each user, aleX keeps students engaged, leading to better results.

Data-driven decision making

Through the use of proactive recommendations, aleX enables teachers to take action where needed before problems arise. By capturing data and displaying it in easy-to-understand dashboards for both students and faculty, the platform makes it easy to make informed decisions .

Prepare for change

While change has always been necessary for universities to adapt and attract and retain students and staff, COVID-19 has accelerated the pace for tertiary institutions all over the world. By automating repetitive processes and harnessing the power of data to boost visibility for students and staff alike, aleX can help your university stay agile and prepared for whatever the future brings.

Automate tasks

There’s no need to let limited faculty and support staff impact your student experience. By automating time-intensive processes, aleX frees up time for your staff to focus on more important things.


Social and emotional learning from Microsoft

As part of their commitment to make the right tools for remote learning accessible to students everywhere, Microsoft has selected aleX to be a part of the Social and Emotional Learning program.

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