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Microsoft Power Platform: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft’s Power Platform Solution is a suite of tools consisting of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents which work together to solve organisational challenges.

They provide capabilities that can be executed by end users which previously required experts with coding experience to conduct, such as automating business processes and the building of custom virtual assistants.   

Power Platform

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Microsoft Power BI

Make data-driven decisions with self-service analytics and insights

Power BI gives your staff the power to uncover insights hidden within your data and translate it into spectacular visualisations and reports that can be easily shared across the organisation. It can pull data from various unrelated sources whether that’s from an Excel spreadsheet or sales reports and turn them into easily understandable and clear snapshots regarding the organisation – no data scientist expertise required. Create a data driven organisation and empower staff of all levels to make quick and confident decisions using meaningful data.

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Pwoer BI

Microsoft Power Apps

Easily create and launch mobile applications – no developer needed

Creating apps from scratch can sound like an intensely complex task that’ll require a team of expert developers and designers working together for several months, however with Power Apps that is no longer the case. Power Apps gives your organisation the ability to rapidly build custom apps catered towards your business needs in an all-encompassing platform. With Power Apps, technical expertise and coding experience are no longer required allowing even non-technical employees to create custom apps and deploy it via mobile or the desktop browser.  

Microsoft Power Automate

Say goodbye to tedious, manual tasks and operate faster with automated workflows

Inefficient, manual tasks are every organisation’s biggest headache. They’re time intensive yet necessary to the entire underlying operations. This is where Power Automate can do the heavy lifting. Power Automate enables you to automate your manual tasks by giving your staff the ability to build integrated workflows into all kinds of tasks and systems. Unlock huge time savings with intelligent workflows and process automations between a realm of applications such as Facebook and Salesforce, all whilst focusing attention on core business areas.  

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Meet your staff’s needs with rapid creation and a launch of intelligent chat bots

There’s no denying that for the modern organisation, artificial intelligence is the key to staying ahead of competition. With Power Virtual Agents, you can easily create custom virtual agents that resolve common customer and internal queries on demand, all without the need for coding or developers. Leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence that can adapt to your unique needs and free up your staff’s valuable time so they can focus on more important tasks.

Discover our Power Platform Current State 10 day Assessment

To harness the full potential of the Power Platform, capitalising on your existing Microsoft 365 investment, it’s essential to establish a strong foundation of vision and governance for a successful journey.

Our Current State Assessment serves as a vital initial step, identifying immediate issues and paving the way for subsequent phases. By implementing key components from the Microsoft Centre of Excellence starter kit, we extract valuable insights about your Power Platform setup and usage, providing in-depth analysis via a Power BI Report.

This assessment aligns with our four-step process, guiding you toward a successful digital transformation. Upon completion, we’ll craft a detailed statement of work for the Future State Design phase.

Empower your organisation with the Power Platform’s capabilities through our strategic approach

Our Services

  • App Assessment

    Our App Studio team will utilise their expertise to assess your requirements for a new app or the migration of an existing app to the Power Platform, as well as how everything will fit within the current environment.

  • Power platform – Proof of Concept

    Our Proof of Concept service provides a demonstration of one or more aspects of the Power Platform based on your specific use case before implementation.

  • Hackathon

    We run a one-day workshop within a structured environment where you can apply your newly acquired Power Platforms skills into practice. Our expert team will provide you with the necessary guidance and support as you apply your learnings to a real-life business problem.

  • App Development

    If you have a specific vision in mind and need help with bringing that to life, we can help! Our app development service can help you envision, design, build, and release an app dedicated towards your organisation’s special needs and requirements.

  • Power Platform Governnce

    Antares Solutions will assess your as-is use of Power Platform and recommend a tailored governance framework that aligns with your business needs and relevant regulatory requirements.

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