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It’s undeniable that data is power both now and even more in the future. The capabilities of data are endless and unparalleled in generating business value in a climate of competition and exponential change. Whilst most organisations are aware of the opportunities that data holds, many are unable to make the most out of it due to a lack of storage, understanding, quality and usability of their existing data.

Antares Solutions can help you make sense of your data by providing you the tools to extract valuable insights and make smarter decisions based on accurate conclusions. Turn your data into valuable knowledge and unlock the potential of endless opportunities no matter what size your organisation is, big or small. We implement end-to-end solutions to resolve common business pain points by using our expertise to understand your problems and apply the most appropriate technologies to solve them.

Power BI

Unlock deeper data insights for better decision making.

Give your organisation and people the power to make informed decisions based on rich insights and actionable data. Many organisations are sitting on top of a wealth of valuable data but don’t have the tools to navigate the usability of it and turn it into useful information. This is where Power BI comes in! 

Power BI encompasses a suite of services, apps and connectors that can collect data from various sources, analyse it and transform it into interactive reports and visualisations. With instant access to crucial information, you can spot trends and make efficient decisions that will help you achieve organisational goals. Best of all, you’ll be able to access these insights from anywhere, anytime whether that’s on your desktop, your phone or even your smart watch.

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Modern Data Warehouses

Flexibly scale your data

With data growing at such an extraordinary rate and of such volume, just how much of it is usable and relevant? Modern data warehouses are the powerhouses that can store enormous amounts of historical data and conduct analytics to draw insights that can drive organisation success. As your organisation grows in scale, it’s important to implement infrastructure that can accommodate the changing requirements and align with the organisation’s needs.  

Traditional data warehouses can no longer meet modern organisations’ data needs. By replacing it with a modern data warehouse, you’ll establish the foundations for data driven decision making. Antares Solutions can help you become a forward thinking organisation and gain a competitive edge in this digital landscape. 

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Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Accelerate your shift to the cloud for enhanced organisational flexibility

Moving to the cloud offers a myriad of benefits from increased flexibility to data security to mobility but navigating the shift often involves more guesswork than not. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our cloud migration services can accelerate your move to the cloud and ensure a smooth transition without the traditional headaches.  

With significant cost savings and scalability that matches your organisation’s needs, there’s no reason to not transition to the cloud. Make this your reality and let Antares Solutions guide you on your journey.  

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Strategy and Vision

Power forward with a roadmap to success

Just like how you plan for a holiday by researching the places you want to visit and the logistics of how you’ll get there, a defined vision and strong strategy are the foundation for a smooth data journey. Organisations running forward without a coherent strategy and vision lack focus in growing in the long term and achieving a successful digital transformation.   

We can help deliver an agile data strategy that evolves with how your organisation changes and actively empowers you in reaching your vision. 

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