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Custom Intranet Services Everything You Need To Know

Unlock your organisation’s most powerful asset: employee productivity

There’s no denying that staff have access to more technology than ever before. In the Microsoft productivity stack alone, users can choose from apps like Teams, Viva EngageSharePoint, Delve, OneDrive and Outlook.

Additionally, there’s other SaaS applications, legacy on-premises systems and other corporate platforms to navigate. Is it any wonder there’s confusion about which tools to use, and when to use them? 

While all these technologies have a place, understanding how they fit into a broader technology ecosystem can be challenging.

The answer: a company-wide Intranet that ties your modern workplace together.

What is the Modern Intranet?

The traditional intranet has often been recognised by its complex structure, characterised by a mixture of deeply nested publishing and collaboration spaces.  

These spaces often make it challenging for users to find the information they need quickly. The content is mostly organised around departments, projects, and teams, leading to a somewhat convoluted user experience even for those who are familiar with the company. 

In contrast, modern intranets have evolved to become simpler and flatter in their structure. One significant factor contributing to this shift is the adoption of tools like Microsoft Teams, which have taken much of the collaboration and communication out of the intranet. Teams and similar platforms provide a streamlined and user-friendly way for employees to communicate, collaborate, and share information in real-time. This shift has allowed modern intranets to focus on serving as a central hub for essential company resources and information. 

Modern intranets have adopted a user-centric approach. They are designed with a focus on answering questions like, “How do I do X?” or “Where can I find Y information?” This shift in perspective makes it easier for new employees, including those just starting in the organisation, to quickly become accustomed to the business.  

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Why do you need an intranet?

Organisations require an intranet for several crucial reasons, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing internal communication, collaboration and information management. An intranet operates as a central platform for employees to begin their workday, linking them to all other systems within the organisation. It acts as a digital reception, offering employees a comprehensive collage of company information drawn from across the business including news, alerts, reports, policies, procedures, forms, and templates.  

Whenever employees have questions or need information, the intranet is their starting point, directing them to the file, location, person or system they need.  

Custom Intranet Solution

Your intranet: a universal toolkit for empowering staff to work more productively

More than just a document repository, a well-designed and maintained intranet portal helps employees make sense of the countless tools they need to work effectively.

Microsoft SharePoint, for example, isn’t just a stand-alone application. It brings together the best of Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud-based technologies for all staff.

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Current State vs Future State

Key challenges for organisations vs what can be achieved with a modern intranet

Current State

Future State

  • Document Management

    Complex structure and disparate systems for document and information management 

  • Productivity Improvement

    Consistent enterprise document management using familiar tools like SharePoint.​

  • Governance

    Lack of training and awareness on how the technology can help users be productive 

  • Set Standards

    What tools to use and when. A set of rules and policies applied to collaboration tools to achieve your vision.​

  • Personalisation

    Lack of personalisation. Employees don’t need every piece of information related to the company.

  • Intregrated Intranet

    The starting point for an employees workday. A personalised, integrated intranet solution leveraging SharePoint Online Modern Sites​

  • Collaboration

    Traditional intranet is only for the news and company policies. There is the need to switch between apps for team collaboration and other day -to-day tasks. 

  • Teams for Collaboration

    Internal and external collaboration tool that empowers collaboration across the organisation. 

Benefits of implementing a modern intranet

The platform trusted by over 100 million users

SharePoint and Office 365 have over 100 million users for a reason. As one of the leading enterprise modern workplace platforms, SharePoint is proven to get results. We prefer SharePoint for intranet solutions because it:

  • Drives productivity

    SharePoint Integrates with many of the applications your employees use every day, saving time and making it easier to get work done.

  • Central platform for performing day-to-day tasks

    This helps prevent confusion about which tools are best for particular tasks. Almost everything employees need can be made available either within or from SharePoint.

  • Highly customisable

    We can design a SharePoint environment that matches your corporate colours, branding and personality.

  • Short learning curve

    Most users are familiar with at least one Microsoft product, making it easier to get started than other intranet platforms.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are intranet systems and solutions?

    An intranet is digital system designed to support the sharing of information and collaboration inside an organisation. An intranet serves as a central starting point bringing together all the tools a staff member may need to do their job.

  • Is intranet software?

    No, it is a concept that can be built in almost any way.

    At its core, an Intranet is a secure private web site, accessed only by internal staff. Intranets can be built on a variety of different platforms. Microsoft’s platform is called SharePoint.

    Software vendors have either created their own intranet platforms, selling them as a pre-packaged tool. Others have created software that sits on top of an existing platform to enhance it.

  • Is SharePoint an Intranet?

    SharePoint is a platform with many modular pieces of functionality and used to build many things. In much the same way that a pile of bricks could be a shed, house or skyscraper.

    SharePoint is a very popular option for creating intranets due to its accessibility (many organisations use Microsoft 356), flexibility and integration capabilities with other Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Teams.

  • What is the best intranet platform?

    No two intranets are the same. While there is some common functionality, like a staff directory or corporate documents, every organisation will have their own requirements that are unique.

    SharePoint has a long history making it a mature technology with many features available straight out-of-the-box, may others that have been built as bolt on extensions and so much documentation in the wider community that you are sure to find an answer for your specific question.

    SharePoint Online integrates natively with the myriad of other productivity tools and services in Microsoft 365. Microsoft also regularly add new features and improve functionality making SharePoint Online an ever-green platform.

    Microsoft is also continuously investing in SharePoint, more recently introducing Modern Sites that includes many new features and capabilities. Modern sites are a game changer with innovative designs, apps and integration options for your intranet.

  • What should be on an intranet?

    A long list of features and broad range of apps does not mean your intranet is meeting the needs of your people and acting as the company-wide “hub” for information that it should be. Below are the essential components you need to consider when building your company intranet:

    – Search: Help your staff find information quickly

    – Staff Directory: Provide a one-stop-shop for staff to look up coworker contact details

    – Corporate Documents: Bring together all information any staff member may need into one place

    – Company News: Keep your staff informed and reduce the spam created with weekly mailouts

    – Global Alerts: a fast way to get a short message out to all staff regardless of which part of the intranet you’re using

    – Personalisation: Tailor the content and functionality to the current user

    – Staff Recognition: Re-enforce organisation culture and increase staff motivation and satisfaction

    – Onboarding & Training Resources: Help your staff grow and be equipped with the information needed to get their job done

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