Teams governance made easy with Tellus

Stop runaway data governance costs in their tracks.

Tellus is the only all-in-one Teams governance solution on the market that empowers your staff to dive in and collaborate with freedom sooner.

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Don’t let your team spiral out of control

Are your staff struggling to stay on top of their teams and losing control of data management? Then it’s time to get your Teams systems back on track.

With employees having greater control over creation and management, maintaining effective Teams governance, security compliance and content sprawl is more difficult than ever.

Finding it hard to easily manage security, compliance and external Teams access?

Is confusion stopping users from effectively navigating Teams?

Has a lack of visibility and content sprawl led to a drop in productivity?

Avoid data blind spots and productivity losses from inefficient third-party apps, drawn out implementation, and the unchecked creation of duplicate data sets. Tellus helps you mitigate content sprawl, user confusion and complex security vulnerabilities – reducing your costs, overheads and the risk of data loss.

Get everybody up to speed on all of your Microsoft Teams capabilities! Put an end to users’ capability inequality stopping them to confidently create and replicate systems via clear and secure data insights.

FREE Teams Health Assessment

Our free Teams health check gives you a detailed understanding of potential risks and issues, helping you identify optimisation and growth opportunities.
With the help of our leading Microsoft Teams experts, you’ll unlock previously unknown insights, paving a clearer, data-driven path towards better health for your Teams environment.

Collaborate and create sooner with Tellus

Directly integrated into the fabric of your Microsoft Teams apps, Tellus is the next step in maximising collaboration, creativity and productivity within your organisation. Designed to control every step of the Teams life cycle, Tellus is a secured and dynamic central hub for creating, managing, governing and reporting, leaving your staff free to get the job done. Tellus automated workflows allow for better and clearer processes, avoiding information leakage and increasing staff adoption.

Enhanced engagement

Social Analytics provides real-time collaboration insights to better understand your people.

Teams governance in one app

Tellus is integrated into the fabric of Microsoft Teams so you can avoid unnecessary third-party apps and start creating instantly.

A solution that’s just for you

Every organisation works differently. Customise Tellus to meet your exact needs and build your perfect Teams governance solution.

Work safely and securely

Tellus automatically manages your compliance and security needs from end to end, leaving your staff free to collaborate without any worry.

Don’t start from scratch

Social Analytics provides real-time collaboration insights to better understand your people.

Consolidate your content

Automatic approval workflow stops duplicate content before it’s even created, reducing your Teams sprawl.

Take the next step towards better Teams governance

Still have some questions?

Tellus is a powerful yet simple solution to manage your Microsoft Teams apps. But if you’re still unsure about any of its features or how it can help your organisation future proof its Microsoft Teams governance, our friendly experts are here to help.

Want to see Tellus in

Tellus integrates best practice measures and a wide variety of collaboration tools to help individuals safely and securely work together in real time. If you’d like to see how it brings automation, structure and clarity to your MS Teams management, get in touch for a free demo.

Need a custom

Every organisation uses Microsoft Teams in their own unique way. If you need any custom templates, metadata, processes or security requirements, get in touch and we’ll create a solution that’s perfect for you.

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