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Not for profits can gain significant advantages by leveraging technology to improve efficiency by being able to provide a digital workplace that offers vastly improved capabilities in communication, collaboration, business productivity, and business insights to support decision-making.

Making a difference

Read about how we empowered the team at Mission Australia with unified communications to assist in analysing data for better decision making.

Volunteers are not a short term solution

Volunteers who feel under utilised or at the behest of poor practices and systems may feel they can’t make the level of contribution they aspire to and quickly move on from an inefficient NFP.

With smart systems and data analytics, you can effectively deploy volunteers for tasks that align with their availability, skills, location, and so on. You can also forecast your volunteer requirements to avoid having not enough or too many volunteers at the one time.

When you invest in your people and focus on improving the volunteer experience, you can directly impact their engagement, retention, satisfaction, and the company’s overall success.​

Keep them engaged, connected, productive and a part of the team by implementing some modern work solutions and leverage the power of innovative technology.

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Operate with real time data visibility

Changes in funding, rapid growth and/or acquisitions, whatever the scenario, now is the time to set a strategic approach to implementing IT platforms for the future.

Gain visibility over your operations, delivery of services and staff and volunteer rostering.

Rostering variances solutions

  • Present staff with up-to-date information and enable identifying variances between the individual rosters of care and the actual hours worked

Accommodation availability

  • Provide your clients with instant answers on bedding availability based on Geographical Location, Customer Demographics, Hours reported by facility staff, Vacancies and Prospects and other variables
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Fast track your data journey

Did you know that only 40% of nonprofits use data to make decisions? And while 80% of nonprofit leaders say measuring the efficiency of their efforts is critical, only 46% have the tools to do it!

For reasons such as these, Microsoft has spent years working with nonprofit professionals to identify their biggest data challenges and develop a solution.

The result is the Microsoft NFP Accelerator: a common data model that allows NFPs to leverage best of breed Microsoft technology to speed their data journey for better decision making right now.

Learn how the right Data solution can help

Know your customers and donors

Leaps forward in artificial intelligence and self-service analytics now give you the power to truly understand your customers and donors – who they are, how they engage with you, what makes them tick, and why they leave.

These insights enable you to develop and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns that deliver a strong ROI. They also guide you on improving your customer experience so you retain customers for longer and achieve the level of service you aspire to.

Don’t waste your marketing budgets on unknown returns.


Build trust in your financial reporting

Common challenges for many organisations, including not for profits is the accuracy in financial reporting. This can lead to frustration and lack of trust. One reason is inconsistent master data within the organisation resulting from a lack of data validation at some of the data sources, quick fixes within the system to temporarily solve an immediate problem or no reliable integration between the different systems.

Imagine if you had a system that had standardised naming conventions,, governance, consumption and access to the most common datasets. The result being removal of manual data entry, reduced administrative overheard and improved reporting.

The implementation of the new master data management system will also be able to assist with the integration or on-boarding of new systems within the organisation.

Learn more about Master Data Management

Free Data Realisation Workshop

It’s difficult to know what’s possible with your data until you understand exactly what you have, and how it can be wrangled to achieve true business insights.

We provide a complimentary Data Realisation Workshop for all not for profits. As part of the workshop, we can:

  • Assess your current state of data maturity
  • Review the flow of data acress difference business applications
  • Assess your ability to perform data visualisation and reporting

We will then recommend an effective arcitecture for a new data platform – be it on-premise, cloud or hybrid. business and It stakeholders are invited to be part of the workshop to ensure 360 degree feedback and engagement across all levels of your organisation.

If your non profit would benefit from a free Data Realisation workshop, simply get in touch.

Changes in privacy legislation can be complex

One of the concerns many nonprofit professionals have about cloud is security. The privacy of their vulnerable customer base is critical, so keeping that data safe is also vital.

Advances in cloud computing have made cloud data storage arguably more secure than ever before. However, all cloud technology must be set up correctly to avoid potential threats from malicious agents.

Our team has extensive expertise in tech security, anti-malware and access control. If you’re concerned about your existing systems or wish to implement cloud in a way that ensures the highest possible integrity of your data, contact our friendly team. We can audit your current systems and devise a plan that enables you to meet compliance requirements while protecting the sensitive nature of your clients’ personal information.

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