Professional Services

The professional service industry spans a wide and diverse range of specialisations, consisting of various operational needs and challenges. Antares Solutions has worked extensively with organisations within this industry from telecommunications to recruitment agencies to law firms. 

We have successfully deployed solutions that have aided organisations in changing the way their teams work by providing them with appropriate infrastructure and support when needed, whether that’s working in different locations or on multiple devices.  

Our expertise has been employed in: 

  • Streamlining control over multiple storage locations of organization data 
  • Creating a central platform in managing and accessing key information 
  • Optimising operational efficiency by migrating from obsolete systems with relevant guidance for change management  

Antares Solutions believes that every organisation is unique and has its own set of requirements. Our team of expert consultants work closely with clients to gather and thoroughly understand business needs for a successful solution deployment.  

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are examples of professional services?

    Professional services is a broad term that encompasses services that require you to have specialised training or possess professional degrees. They include project management, event management, legal services, digital marketing, client management, and teachers.

  • How can It help professional services?

    Technology has transformed how organisations conduct their operations with innovation fueling unprecedented growth for many industries.

    Just like other industries, IT can help take professional service organisations to the next level by:
    – Reducing operational costs via teleconferencing and remote work
    – Automating processes and workflows to save staff time
    – Enabling easy and quick access to documents through cloud technology
    – Increasing productivity by streamlining digital collaboration and communication

  • How can AI help professional services?

    Artificial intelligence can help professional services by:
    – Proactively detecting cases of fraud and estimating more accurate financial forecasts
    – Streamlining repetitive tasks such as auditing to reduce human prone errors and enable staff to focus their attention on more core value tasks
    – Tracking employee performance and satisfaction to make actionable recommendations that will assist with retaining top talent

  • How are businesses using artificial intelligence?

    Artificial intelligence can be deployed in a myriad of different departments and offer considerable business value. Businesses can use AI to:
    – Improve the customer experience by using intelligent chatbots to provide real time support
    – Automating workloads by undertaking the heavy lifting involved in repetitive and routine tasks
    – Unlock data insights to predict market shifts and consumer trends

  • Why is data management important for professional services?

    It’s important since businesses can use data to make informed business decisions and a host of other important activities, e.g. optimise business operations and reduce costs. Without a data management system in place, data may fall into the hands of malicious parties or competitors.

    Also, a lack of data management can lead to inconsistent data that, when used, may limit organisations and lead to faulty findings, which end up wasting time, energy and even resources.

  • What is an example of data management?

    Data management means having a system in place for collecting, storing and analysing your data. An excellent example of a data management platform is a centralised system that collects customer data from various sources, e.g. customer signups and social media interaction, then analyses it and organises it to segment customers by their purchase history.

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