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Why Antares?

We help organisations creatively solve problems

At Antares, we don’t apply a ‘drag and drop’ solution to a problem, but rather take an idea, transform it, and bring it to life. Our tried and tested approach has helped organisations to dramatically reshape how they work and make data-driven decisions. We know that every organisation is unique so there is ‘no one size fits all’ answer. Antares works closely with organisations to deliver tailored technology solutions based on understanding, care and commitment to help them overcome their complex business challenges. We pride ourselves on honesty and accountability by ensuring that what we deliver is as promised, of high quality, and in a timely manner. 

Our Mission

People are the soul of any organisation  

At Antares, our customers always come first. Our purpose is to:

Creatively enable our customers to achieve their vision, honestly.

We encourage our staff to be creative in the way they use technology to build solutions for our customers. We are focused on our customers’ customers. The vision of driving our customers to be better at what they’re doing is always top of mind for us. Most importantly, we continually strive to be a business that works with our customers genuinely and honestly in true partnership.

We’re specialists and we’re proud of it. Our businesses and teams are built around delivering best of breed Microsoft applications in Modern Work, Custom Development, and Data & AI areas.

Our Story

How we became Antares Solutions 

Our founders Aaron Cunnington and Johnny Chung met whilst working at a large consulting firm. They were frustrated with how often the end-product the company delivered was different to what was initially promised. Equipped with years of expertise and a vision to provide reliable and consistent service to customers, they established Antares Solutions in 2006. Over the years, we have worked with organisations of all sizes and industries, and continue to empower them by delivering tailored solutions and innovative products that meet their requirements in an agile manner.

Our Proven Approach

We love a challenge!

Our tried and tested approach has helped many organisations successfully solve their business challenges and achieve optimal results. We do our best work in taking an idea, adding our twist to it, and applying it to a unique challenge. We love working closely with our clients to gather all the information about the problem, fleshing it out, and envisioning which technologies can help resolve it.  

We bring three unique attributes to our customers:


Our breadth of capabilities to enable us to deliver solutions end to end, not only with our capabilities within Antares but also the broader Cloud Collective skills.

Intellectual property

We have a large bank of IP we leverage for our customers’ benefits – regardless of the problem, it is likely we have done something similar before. We leverage not only our technical IP, but also the knowledge of how to solve problems for every engagement.


Proven track record – we have many happy customers that will vouch for how we have helped them. These stories of satisfied customers are why we continue to do what we do.

We Put Your Interests First

We provide solutions that best meets your needs by:

  1. Understanding the current state by knowing the real problem we are trying to solve
  2. Asking questions to make sure we understand the problem, challenges, and goals
  3. Road mapping the journey to ensure we are all on the same page
  4. Identifying priorities and time frames
  5. Starting small, delivering value quickly, repeat!

Agile Project Delivery

How We Deliver Projects

At Antares Solutions, we deliver projects using a tailored approach to meet the needs of customers by taking into consideration the type of project and the customer environment. Both waterfall and agile methodologies are used, with most projects seeing the best benefits through a combined approach to deliver value quickly to customers in a structured manner.  

Discovery/planning phases are the starting point for engagement and are structured in a waterfall approach with the application of agile principles throughout. Key activities in this phase are carried out one after the other, which include requirements gathering (documented in user story format), technical feasibility, estimation of development effort and prioritisation. From the prioritised requirements, an initial sprint planning is conducted to ensure all prioritised requirements have a place in the sprint backlog during development. 

Execution phases are implemented using SCRUM methodology for the high degree of collaboration and ability to react to change. Activities are organised into sprints at two week increments to conduct tasks relating to development of user stories, testing and deployment in a time boxed setting with a goal set to maximise output and mitigation of risk such as testing early instead of at the end.  

Sprints also consist of key ceremonies such as sprint reviews to demonstrate the work completed to stakeholders, sprint retrospective to understand how we performed and ways to improve for the next sprint as well as sprint planning to organise the next sprint in terms of what tasks will be planned to be done. 

Taking an agile approach requires careful planning and project governance which is why all projects are assigned leadership in the form of a Project Manager and Technical Lead who drive the project to meet its objectives. Agile project management tools such as JIRA or Microsoft DevOps are used to track user stories to completion. Best practices such as CI/CD pipelines are used to reduce risk through automation where possible. 

Our Values


We care about the important things – our employees, our customers, and the end result. We believe that understanding and caring promotes wellbeing and a positive mindset that allows us to work together to solve problems and achieve goals.


We ask the right questions so that we can garner a better understanding of the situation and the problem that is being solved. Our thorough knowledge of the entire challenge ensures that we provide our expertise in the best appropriate manner to create successful results.

Get It

We make sure we really know the real problem before jumping into a solution so that we can leverage the appropriate technology to help you solve the issue and add value to your organisational operations by delivering the right solution.


We work in innovative ways to breathe new life into how our solutions can fit within your organisational needs. Our creative thinking ensures your problems are solved with the best results.

Our people are our greatest asset

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