Meet Our Leadership Team

Aaron Cunnington

Managing Director

Johnny Chung

Head of Architecture & Innovation

Sulabh Jain

Head of Product


Janaka Amarasekera

Modern Workplace and Apps Practice Manager


Antares Solutions combines best-of-breed technology with a healthy dose of common sense to help organisations achieve their full potential.

“We believe people, not technologies, are the most important thing in the universe, so our work focuses on helping ‘people’ to become smarter and more efficient. Our philosophy is simple; we believe you know your business better than anyone. We work with you from the inside out – partnering with your organisation to understand your unique business needs. We then build IT solutions tailored to fit your organization to help improve the way your ‘people’ work. Our aim is for your technology to be less visible, so you can spend more time on growing your business, not on your systems.”

“I’m passionate about helping businesses understand and navigate today’s best technologies and deliver solutions that accommodate their unique requirements. We strive to keep solutions simple and relative, ensuring they add immediate business value while maintaining the long-term goal in mind. Our team of consultants are always available to discuss your business needs, and encourage you to connect with us to learn more about our solutions and services.”

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