Qbot Services Help Students Reach Their Full Potential

Enhance remote learning by creating a teaching and learning community and personalising the student experience using world-first AI infused technology.

QBot is Now Part of aleX

As technology unlocks new ways to engage, collaborate and learn, how can education providers adapt to prevent the student voice from getting lost in the noise? As digital native students come to expect a system that allows them to form a community as they learn, aleX provides the answer.

On the back of the success of QBot, a personalised chatbot for education, Microsoft Solutions Partner Antares Solutions have expanded the offering to include both Analytics and Provisioning Engines, enabling education institutions to engage their students like never before.

QBot is Transforming how Students Learn, Interact and Collaborate

For forward-thinking education institutions, these tools have limitless potential – from improving student engagement, to achieving better learning outcomes.

The UNSW story: Create a revolution in education


QBot tags tutors and classmates to answer questions


Personalise learning for individual student needs


One-click dashboards for students to see their results

QBot FAQ’s for educators and course administrators

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