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Achieving Goals with Cutting-Edge Technologies and Analytics

Empowering Education

Achieving Goals with Cutting-Edge Technologies and Analytics

Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of education, with new opportunities for engaging classroom experiences and personalised learning journeys. At Antares, we are at the forefront of this transformation, providing innovative technology solutions that empower educational institutions to embrace the potential of technology.

Our unique approach

Open Education Analytics

As a Microsoft Education Specialist and OEA Partner, Antares encompasses a range of solutions based on the Microsoft stack that have been recognised on a global stage for the incredible outcomes they have achieved. The wide spectrum of our expertise lets us be more flexible in helping you achieve your goals as an institution. We can help schools discover new ways to improve their educational programs, empower their students, and enhance the learning experiences for all learners. 

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Unlocking Potential:

Enhance The Teaching And Learning Experience

Open Education Analytics is a process to get started on the data modernisation and Artificial Intelligence journey, developed by education systems in collaboration with Microsoft Education. With Open Education Analytics, educational institutions can gain valuable insights into their data, drive better decision-making, and ultimately improve student outcomes.

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Innovation on the Microsoft Platform

Antares provides Microsoft solutions that are both innovative and easy to use and aim to help all levels of Education:

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Social and Emotional Learning from Microsoft

As part of their commitment to make the right tools for remote learning accessible to students everywhere, Microsoft has selected aleX to be a part of the Social and Emotional Learning program.

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Engage Every Student with aleX

The Adaptive Learning Experience, or aleX for short, is a platform designed to help build community and provide the highest quality experience for all in the higher education space.

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QBot is Transforming how Students Learn, Interact and Collaborate

For forward-thinking education institutions, these tools have limitless potential – from improving student engagement, to achieving better learning outcomes.

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Custom Applications

Curriculum Planning

The education industry faces the challenge of managing a wide and varied curriculum. Planning and ensuring that it aligns with the changing demands of modern education can be time consuming and cumbersome. Antares Solutions understand this challenge and has developed a customised technology solution that enable institutions to develop, manage and deliver personalised curriculums. We want to ensure that educators have the resources they need to deliver an effective education.

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Data Solutions

Data visibility and reporting

Reporting is a critical component of education, from the student level through to the institute and regional levels. Antares Solutions has developed customised reporting solutions, enabling institutions to generate reports that meet their unique needs. Our solutions make it easy for educators to gather data, generate reports, and share insights with stakeholders, improving communication and accountability.

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Personalised Learning

Student Engagement

Student engagement has become a main focus for schools and educational institutions over the last few years. Building a community that promotes social awareness that extends beyond the classroom can only help to provide the best learning environment possible. Antares Solutions has a tool that is designed to meet the needs of the student, teachers and institution to promote student engagement, development and personalised learning.  

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User Experience

Time Management

The workload for teachers can be overwhelming, with many struggling to find the time to manage administrative tasks and deliver high-quality education. Antares Solutions can streamline the process of curriculum planning and reporting, ultimately reducing workloads, freeing up time for educators to focus on delivering excellent education.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can we solve technology in education?

    We empower educators with technology such as our aleX platform that makes it easy for them to innovate in the classroom. Our aleX platform leverages the power of AI to provide the highest quality experience for all in the education space. We are also working with leading schools who are passionate about helping students learn in an engaging way. However, what makes us the most excited is the opportunity to give students the tools they need to take control of their learning needs.  

  • How does information technology help the education sector?

    Students and teachers can communicate with their peers, instructors, and educational specialists. They also can access the information they need at anytime from anywhere on a variety of devices. One of our main goals is to enable schools to reduce the cost of running technology infrastructure without sacrificing security or performance. 

  • What are the challenges of technology in education?

    Although effective, existing educational technologies are often seen as impractical for regular use in schools due to administrative challenges such as device management and cost-efficiency. Fortunately, we can solve these issues with our smart technology solutions. 

  • What are the benefits of technology in education?

    Technology will impact education by providing students with better ed-tech solutions that they can apply in practical applications. We strongly believe that these new technologies are necessary for today’s world and its ever-growing digital society. Our goal is to provide the tools students need to secure a vital position in their communities and a bright future ahead. 

  • What is the role of IT in the education sector?

    We aim to empower students with digital literacy skills that enable them to become full and active citizens- creating a better future for all of us. Creating entertaining, engaging ways to learn, play, and collaborate is our way of giving students the best possible opportunities to succeed. 

  • Can technology enhance meaningful learning?

    Technology can change the way students learn and develop their skills. It gives a new meaning to learning by taking a more active role in society, as well as giving students the tools they need to become active and responsible members of their communities.

  • How useful is technology for teaching and learning?

    We use innovative technologies for students to share, collaborate, and develop their skills in a fun way. It’s not only about the curriculum – Antares is also dedicated to developing comprehensive programs that support student wellbeing. We will also work closely with school staff members who are dedicated to supporting, motivating, and nurturing students. 

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