Predicting Potential

with data and AI for Education

Antares AI for Education is an out-of-the-box AI solution for educators that not only monitors student performance, progress, and wellbeing, but also identifies and predicts when support, intervention and adjustment is needed to drive more personalised teaching and learning outcomes. .

It’s time to re-think education

All educators know that there’s never a one-size-fits-all in education. 
Trying to find out the right answer for each student and school in your district seems difficult — you’ll need lots of data, which is usually spread across multiple systems and processes. 
Even if you manage to collect it all, do you have the time and resources to analyse it? 
The right dashboard enhanced by AI can transform the way your school operates and improve results.

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Our dashboard allows you to view all your data for your school or multiple schools all in one place. This lets you compare yourself against benchmarks such as NAPLAN or other schools, so you can monitor and predict the best way to improve, progress and reach your potential. 

Get the most out of your students and schools


member school data and third-party data into a centralised dashboard 


curriculum progress and the performance of member schools 


which schools require additional advice or support in which domains


teachers with a 360° view of students 


implementation through a turn-key solution and cloud scalable 

Simple. Secure. Agile.


Understand your academic goals and curriculum objectives, asses the IT estate, and identify potential data sources


Implement at speed avoiding unwanted disruption, supported by our change management services to ensure the solution embeds in your business 


Uncover previously unknown correlations and new opportunities to improve learning and teaching outcomes 

Maximise your education potential with Antares reporting & Analytics dashboard

Industry Leaders

15 years of experience in education across K-12 and higher education 

Innovation Drivers

First AI bot in education demonstrated by Microsoft’s CEO 

Built by Educators, for Educators

Strategic partnership with the Centre for Change and Complexity and Learning with the Uni of SA 

Cloud Collective Capabilities

Shared insights and capabilities from data scientists focused on education 


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