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The Adaptive Learning Experience, or aleX for short, is a platform designed to help build community and provide the highest quality experience for all in the higher education space.

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The Best Experience for Students, Teachers and your Institution

Using the power of AI (artificial intelligence), aleX provides the highest quality experience by encouraging a sense of community while promoting student involvement, learning and overall engagement.

Builds community

By promoting social awareness, aleX builds learning communities that extend beyond the classroom or lecture.

Personalised for every student

Using data and analytics, aleX helps provide a personalised student experience.

Keeps students engaged

Encouraging discussion amongst students helps aleX maintain engagement whilst also monitoring student wellbeing.

Promotes development

aleX helps students develop and maintain relationships by boosting collaboration and communication between peers and the educator.

Designed to Meet the Needs of Institutions, Their Students and Faculty

The tertiary institution of 2021 faces a range of issues never seen before. From a rapidly changing landscape, to budgetary restrictions and the move to home-based learning, aleX can help your institution thrive in times of flux.

Benefits for Higher Institutions

  • Built within Microsoft Teams, aleX can be easily scaled to cater to changing demand without additional capital expenditure
  • When it comes to selecting an institution, aleX can help you create a compelling point of difference in quality of experience for both learners and faculty
  • By integrating with your LMS and other platforms, aleX can help your institution get greater value out of your existing investments in technology
  • Automated features within the platform allow you to contain costs by implementing AI and Machine Learning without the overhead

Benefits for Learners

  • While studying from home, aleX helps learners develop a social and inclusive learning community with peers and teachers
  • As part of this community, students have the opportunity to engage with others and gain recognition for their work
  • By enabling the social aspects of at-home learning, aleX helps build SEM (Social and Emotional Learning) among users
  • A truly personalised learning experience helps every student achieve their potential

Benefits for Educators

  • Detailed analytics allow for personalised teaching like never before. Armed with this information, faculty will be equipped to deliver information in a way that boosts retention and progression for every student
  • Greater visibility over existing student networks and interactions enables teachers to effectively build groups for collaborative assessment
  • Confident that answers to common questions are automated, teachers are freed up to improve course content and help students in need
  • Contribute to a greater store of newly captured information, quickly building a rich store of knowledge

Meet aleX

Made up of three distinct parts, the Digital Learning Assistant (QBot), Analytics Engine and Provisioning Engine work together to engage your community with a focus on the experience of students, educators and the institution.

Digital Learning Assistant (QBot)

Automates responses to commonly asked questions while building a centralised, self-building knowledge base

Learning Analytics

Tracks engagement and presents useful data to both students and teachers in user-friendly dashboards

Provisioning Engine

Seamlessly integrates with your institutions LMS (learning management system) to replicate course structures and other data automatically

Social and Emotional Learning from Microsoft

As part of their commitment to make the right tools for remote learning accessible to students everywhere, Microsoft has selected aleX to be a part of the Social and Emotional Learning program.

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