Be A More Data-Driven Organisation

As one of Australia’s leading data analytics & AI consultancy firm, we are offering a free, no-obligation “Be a More Data-Driven Organisation”  workshop to organisations. We aim to improve your data-driven decision-making to help you thrive in the current difficult economic climate.


This workshop will help you:

  • Gain clear foresight to reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies to avoid potential future financial concerns.
  • Uncover opportunities to generate more revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Improve organisational responsiveness and agility to serve customers better.
  • Use predictive & advanced analytics data to be more proactive in identifying organisational performance trends.
  • Move towards a “Big Data” approach to generate insights from organizational unstructured data.

Given the current COVID-19 situation we are offering to conduct this workshop online/remotely using Microsoft Teams or other suitable audio video conferencing tools. To learn more and see whether this would be a good fit for your organisation, please register your interest now. 

Learn with Antares

This Data Realization workshop will help you unlock the power of data analytics and evolve your relationship with data. Strengthen the resilience of your organisation by making confident and proactive data-driven decisions.

Our “Be a More Data-Driven Organisation” Workshop will answer:

  • How to create a strategic roadmap for your data strategy to improve overall business performance.
  • The types of insightful business questions that can be answered using data analytics.
  • The role of each different business function in uncovering business intelligence.
  • The powerful ways predictive, advanced analytics can impact corporate decisions.
  • How collecting the right data is important to solve particular strategic questions. 
  • Real-life examples of how data-driven businesses thrive even in uncertain economic conditions.
At the end of this workshop, you will have a practical, step-by-step checklist of the next steps you and your organisation can take to get your data delivering powerful business intelligence. 



“The way Antares engaged with us was excellent. We could have comprehensive discussions about what we needed and get a quick understanding of the cost and timeframe. The team worked closely with us, picked up the subject matter very quickly. "
Raqib Sabur
Project Leader Digitisation, State Library
“Antares were fantastic, and it was a unique project that was a lot of fun. They were very collaborative, and there was lots of brainstorming, with a flexibility in terms of building what we knew we wanted. We’re very happy with the finished product.”
Dr David Kellermann
Lecturer, UNSW

About Antares Solutions

Antares Solutions is a Sydney-based data analytics and AI consultancy dedicated to solving unique business problems using Microsoft technology. We are a highly accredited Microsoft Gold Partner who specialises in delivering expertise across its three practise areas: Productivity, Data Solutions and Custom Application Development with a simple philosophy – we believe you know your business better than anyone. We work with you from the inside out – partnering with your organisation to understand your unique business needs.