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Upgrading from a legacy system to something newer always faces uphill challenges despite the possible advantages of efficiency and long-term growth. 

Have you heard “We’ve always done it that way” as an internal company motto? 

You also have a time and upfront investment factor involved without a sure way to understand the benefits. 

Here’s how Antares leveraged Tellus with Microsoft Teams to upgrade a legacy system for a Sydney-based infrastructure consulting firm. 

The Problem

Our client was running an old content repository which had a limited governance framework in place. It did not meet compliance or best practice requirements and there was duplication of documents and silos.  

With growing concerns around working collaboratively with internal and external parties it was seen as an opportunity for growth. Internal audits were completed, storage needs were assessed, and risk levels were analysed.  

Our client was reaching their capacity limits within their content repository system and as the licence was due to expire they set to explore newer options. With a heavy investment already in the Microsoft Technology stack they wanted to explore the options available through this partnership. 

The Solution

The Antares team implemented a Microsoft Teams solutions that allowed a new document management platform, a staff collaboration tool and the ability to meet governance requirements.  

We followed our trusted and proven methodology 7 step framework  

  1. Governance  
  1. Design  
  1. Migration planning  
  1. Build  
  1. Migration  
  1. Go-live  
  1. Training  

Implementing Tellus, by Antares, for our client they are now able to benefit from the following:  

  • A templatised approach to remove the confusion about what tools to use and when. 
  • Automatically apply the right level of security and compliance to their Teams  
  • Capture the right metadata needed to understand who owns Teams and why  
  • Use of workflow approvals for the creation of new Teams  
  • Personal dashboard to search and access all Teams  

The Results

The heavy lifting of manually finding, managing and monitoring has been removed. Tellus for Microsoft Teams, has saved our client time by putting the appropriate governance measures in place to help users quickly find and collaborate on documents. They now have only one source of truth when working on and finding documents.   

Our client now has a single pane of glass for all their staff collaborating and working of documents. Microsoft Teams and Tellus has empowered the staff collaborate and communicate using modern workplace tools.   

By consolidating all existing systems into the Microsoft stack, our client can enjoy a seamless user experience. They now have future plans to incorporate Tellus into their CRM for further governance and compliancy, which would help the sales staff with its goals.