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Deloitte, a globally renowned professional services firm, sought to modernise their existing in-house built case management systems to enhance efficiency, consistency, and user experience. In collaboration with Antares Solutions, a leading technology consulting firm, Deloitte embarked on a journey to modernise their case management platform from the ground up and ensure its relevance to the local Australia market.

The Challenge 

As part of their offerings, Deloitte developed in-house case management tools that have remained at the forefront of innovation. However, they faced challenges with their conventional approach of building new case management systems from scratch for each project, using various technologies. These challenges included increased development time, heightened risk of defects, and a lack of consistency between systems, which decreased efficiency, increased costs, and affected user experience. Recognising the need for a modern solution that addressed these obstacles, Deloitte sought a unified and streamlined approach to case management. 

The Solution 

Deloitte partnered with Antares by leveraging their extensive industry knowledge, proven methodology, and highly skilled consultants. The collaboration resulted in the modernisation of their current system to be a configurable, web-based case management platform based on the Microsoft stack.  

Antares adopted a comprehensive approach that encompassed application development, remediation, and deployment tasks. By leveraging the Microsoft technology stack, Antares provided a robust and scalable foundation for the case management platform. 

The platform comprised various modules designed to streamline and enhance case management processes. A comprehensive dashboard was implemented to enable real-time tracking of progress, providing stakeholders with valuable insights into ongoing projects. The allocation of work items was automated, ensuring efficient task distribution among team members. The system also included a user-friendly interface for logging new cases, facilitating streamlined data entry and retrieval. 

One of the key highlights of the solution was the implementation of a fully automated management information system. This feature enabled Deloitte to generate and access critical data and reports with ease, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing operational transparency. Real-time quality analytics capabilities were integrated into the platform, enabling Deloitte to monitor and assess the performance and effectiveness of their case management processes. 

The Results 

The modernisation of their existing application to CMS Pro brought forth a host of advantages, all aimed at enhancing efficiency, user experience, and system functionality. Built on modern web technologies, the platform featured a clean, simple, and responsive user interface, offering a seamless and intuitive experience for Deloitte’s case management professionals. The configurable nature of CMS Pro allowed for customisation on a per-project basis, ensuring the platform aligned perfectly with the unique requirements of each individual project. With the platform being web-based, it could be accessed from anywhere. This enabled Deloitte’s case management professionals to work remotely, collaborate seamlessly, and access critical information in real time. The flexibility and convenience offered by the platform further boosted operational efficiency and allowed for agile decision-making. 

Deloitte now has a system that could be updated with ease. Changes made within one project could effortlessly flow to the base core product, streamlining the update process and ensuring consistency across projects. This agile and adaptable approach saved valuable time and resources, reducing development efforts, and increasing overall productivity. 

Scalability and security were paramount in the development of CMS Pro. The platform was rigorously tested, accommodating over 1000 concurrent users without compromising performance. Additionally, the security measures implemented were top-notch, earning recognition for being virtually impenetrable. Deloitte could rest assured that their sensitive data and confidential information were protected at all times, mitigating potential risks and ensuring compliance with industry standards. 


Through their collaborative efforts, Antares and Deloitte successfully transformed the case management landscape. Deloitte’s adoption of the modern CMS Pro platform enabled them to overcome the limitations of their previous approach, delivering a unified, efficient, and user-centric solution.  

For a more detailed understanding of the CMS Pro platform and its features, you can refer to the product overview or watch the video.