Business Systems Support

What if you could access on-demand IT support whenever you need, all without having to harass your already overwhelmed IT team? Business systems support is here to help. With organisations’ greater reliance on IT to improve productivity and enhance growth in the current competitive space, support for your business system solutions can give you the peace of mind knowing your technology is in trusted hands.  

What is Business Systems Support?

Business systems support is a technical support service provided to organisations on applications that are existing, custom, or new by a third party such as Antares Solutions. This means ensuring that your organisation runs smoothly at all times with minimal disruption to normal operations. We deliver an all-encompassing support service package that includes incident management, application maintenance, support desk, and issue resolution.  

Our business systems support service is tailored to your organisation’s unique needs with a proactive approach in anticipating issues and resolving them before they even occur. Our aim is to work behind the scenes in maintaining and optimising your systems so that your organisation can focus their attention on core activities and generating value.  

As a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner, our technical consultants provide leading expertise and support on all aspects of Microsoft certified solutions. You can rest assured that your technology and infrastructure are in good hands. 

Focus on your Core Business

Antares looks after network infrastructure, desktops & business system solutions so that you can focus on your core business. With complete Microsoft business system support and assistance for Antares developed applications, you can enjoy on-demand, reliable assistance with fast turnaround time whenever.  

We provide a flexible approach to meet your individual business requirements. Whether you have only one IT resource or a fully functional IT team, Antares’ managed service offering can tailor an approach to suit your business. 

What is included in our Business Systems Support Service?


We provide regular monitoring of servers, desktops, communications, infrastructure, and security to ensure that your business system solutions are available and operating efficiently. By consistently monitoring your systems, we can detect threats early on and mitigate them immediately to prevent downtime that could affect organisational productivity. Minimised downtime allows your employees to enjoy reliable and optimised technology so that they can undertake their work seamlessly. 


We implement maintenance programs for IT networks ensuring regular updates, optimised security, and maximum reliability. Regular maintenance of your systems is far more important than fixing issues when they arise. We ensure that your IT applications are protected with the latest security updates and that sensitive information are secured across all systems. We take care of licenses, upgrades, and renewals, so that you can rest assured that you will be using the latest software and systems. 


Our qualified technical consultants are on hand to assist staff whenever problems occur. We restore normal operations back to your users as quickly as possible so there is minimal impact to your staff’s productivity. Support requests are prioritised according to urgency and impact to users whereby the right resource is allocated to resolve it in a timely fashion. We communicate with you throughout the entire request resolution so that you are always informed of its status.  


We provide monthly reporting services that detail the health and status of your systems upon request.  These reports provide visibility into your systems’ daily performance by outlining what maintenance and support have been delivered to give you peace of mind knowing what is happening. You will have a dedicated account manager who will meet with you on a monthly basis and inform you with comprehensive reporting of your technology’s performance. 

Benefits of Managed IT Support Services

If you are still relying on your internal IT team to assist with everything IT related including monitoring and maintaining your systems, then it is time for a change. Instead of the traditional break-fix approach to resolving IT issues, proactive mitigation of problems can bring new wonders to your organisation’s productivity and growth. Here are some ways business support services can benefit your business:  

  • Free up internal resources: Chances are your IT team are running on limited resources and any new issues that arise from IT systems can either very quickly overwhelm them or sidetrack them from core activities. By outsourcing your business support to us, you will be able to free up your IT team’s time and enable them to focus their attention on higher value tasks.  
  • Improved productivity: Proactive monitoring of your IT systems ensures that issues will be solved before they escalate into major problems. By reducing the possibility of downtime which could negatively affect both your brand reputation and business operations, your staff will be able to undertake their daily tasks without any obstacles. Managed IT services minimises the chances of system breakage so your staff can continue working at their optimal efficiency.  
  • Streamlined security and compliance: Highly regulated industries such as finance or health often have stringent guidelines that must be followed to minimise security breaches or data loss. With managed IT services’ constant monitoring of system updates and security issues, your systems will receive software updates when they are released. When your systems are equipped with the latest features and updates, your compliance and security needs will be automatically aligned with the necessary requirements.  
  • Access to leading expertise: A major pro of using a managed IT service is the access to a qualified and experienced team of technical consultants that have the unique skill set to assist your organisation’s needs. You will also be able to fill any gaps in IT competencies so you can enjoy a complete set of capabilities.
  • Predictable costing: Solving major IT issues when they arise is often a costly feat that can take multiple business days to resolve. Managed IT services are billed at a flat monthly rate that is predetermined at the time of purchase. These expenses can be easily consolidated into your operational budget meaning no nasty surprises at the end of the month.  

Get Your Peace of Mind Today!

Our team of highly skilled technical consultants can take care of all your IT support needs so you can conduct your day to day works without any worry.  


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