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About Us

Our Company

Established in 2006 by Aaron Cunnington and Johnny Chung, Antares Solutions was founded with a vision to provide reliable and consistent service to our customers. Having both worked at large consulting firms and equipped with years of expertise, they decided to start Antares based on the principles of honesty and ownership, by delivering what was promised in a straightforward manner. Over the years, we have worked with organisations of all sizes and backgrounds and delivered tailored solutions that have met the requirements of our customers.

Our Mission

We know change is hard whether that’s introducing a new digital platform to your organisation or overhauling your entire data system. Which is why here at Antares, we want to alleviate the stress involved in finding and implementing a solution. We aim to go beyond simply providing an out of the box solution to solve a challenge but rather using our expertise to transform an idea and deliver it so that you can work better and smarter. People are at the heart of any organisation and we build tailored solutions to enable your most valuable assets – your people.

Our Proven Approach

Our tried and tested approach has helped many organisations to successfully solve their business challenges and achieve optimal results. Whether you’re coming to us with a full-fledged page of requirements, an idea that you don’t know how to turn live or just a stubborn problem, we can help!

We do our best work in taking an idea, adding our twist to it and applying it to a unique challenge. We love working closely with our clients to gather all the information on the problem, fleshing it out and envisioning which technologies can help resolve it.

We bring three key unique attributes to our customers :

1. Our breadth of capabilities to enable us to deliver solutions end to end, not only with our capabilities within Antares but also the broader Cloud Collective skills
2. We have a large bank of Intellectual Property we leverage for our customers benefits – regardless of the problem, it is likely we have done something similar before. We leverage not only our technical IP but also the knowledge of how to solve problems to every engagement
3. Proven track record – we have many happy customers that will vouch for how we have helped them.

Why Antares?

At Antares, we don’t just apply a solution to a problem in a drag and drop manner but rather take an idea, transform it and bring it to life. Our tried and tested approach has helped organisations to dramatically reshape how they work and make data driven decisions. We know that every organisation is unique so there is no one size fits all solution. Antares works closely with organisations to deliver tailored solutions based on understanding, care and commitment to help them overcome their complex business challenges. We pride ourselves on honesty and accountability by ensuring that what we deliver is as promised, of high quality and in a timely manner.

Our Values