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Power BI Workshop


"You're sitting on a goldmine of data. The Challenge is to put that data to work to help grow your business."

Power BI Quick Workshop delivers a comprehensive training experience that focuses on educating the end user to access, analyse, and visualise data

The Power BI Quickstart Workshop is a comprehensive in-person training experience designed to give the end-user the tools and techniques to do sophisticated analysis and create impressive visualisations that tell the story behind the numbers. Power BI workshop empowers your team so they can confidently integrate business intelligence into their daily activities, making self-service BI a reality for your organisation.

This five-day workshop focuses on education with the key objective of making self-service BI a reality for your organisation. This is achieved by teaching your employees a methodology to better integrate business intelligence as part of their day to day activities.

Key Benefits of Power BI Workshop

  • Become more agile, get the answers you need, when you need them.
  • Reduce implementation times with Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Do it yourself! You own the data, now mine and analyse it yourself.
  • Create and share: share your valuable findings online or on your mobile, and make decisions from anywhere.
  • Create a ready for production report. Plan your Business Intelligence workshop using real scenarios and start with a small investment.

Next Steps

To discuss how Power BI Quick Start Workshop can help improve the way your organisation uses BI and truly make self-service business intelligence a reality for your business call 02 8275 8811 or 


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