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Ask, and you shall receive. askSolution is an AI-powered virtual assistant in Microsoft Teams that answers questions for your staff instantly.

What is askSolution?

What if you could build an organisational brain that retains your IP and frees up your experts to focus on important work?

askSolution is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual assistant accessible through Microsoft Teams that answers questions for your staff from any device, any where at any time. askSolution is your organisational brain built to answer topic-filtered questions that’s working where your staff are already working today.

What if every time staff asked a question they got the right answer in an instant?

askSolution facilitates organisational knowledge retention and sharing. If askSolution knows the answer to your question, you’ll have it in an instant. If askSolution can’t help, your experts are notified immediately. Most importantly, askSolution learns from each interaction so that the same question is never answered twice again! By pulling information from these interactions, the Microsoft Teams chatbot uses these bits and pieces of learnings to infer answers for future questions.

The Research

Studies indicate that your staff spend a whopping 5% to 20% of their workday looking for the right information. That’s at least 13 days of lost productivity each year! That’s costing you time and money!

According to the Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, people forget new information shockingly quickly. This leads to expensive inefficiencies when coupled with lost knowledge due to normal business cycles, such as staff turnover.

Capturing and sharing explicit and tacit knowledge is vital for a sustainable competitive advantage – yet very few organisations have a strategy to effectively do so.

Many organisations instead rely on crucial data residing in the minds of subject matter experts that often leads to the loss of valuable information, productivity and accuracy.

With askSolution, that all changes…

Microsoft Teams Bots

Microsoft Teams bots play a major role in enabling your staff to get the most out of the communication and collaboration platform. Teams bots can be implemented across a variety of functions from polling your staff to keeping track of all your users and people within the organization. The functionalities are endless and can make a world of difference to how you’ll interact with one another. MS Teams bots can be added across the platform including to personal conversations, group chats and team channels.

Their flexible nature means there’s a realm of opportunities that’s waiting to be discovered in improving your staff engagement and organisational communication. Whatever function you’re after in automating, there may just be a bot for it. However, most bots are specialized to perform only one function, for example, Microsoft Teams’ Polly bot is catered towards the area of poll creation. Want to compare calendars and availabilities? There’s Teams’ CalendarBot. Want common questions to be answered instantly? Then you need askSolution, both a chatbot for Microsoft teams and FAQ bot.

Why your staff need askSolution

How does askSolution make the work life of your staff easier and add value at multiple levels of your organisation? askSolution delivers the following:

  • Answers 60%+ of common topic-specific questions instantly
  • Available easily from where your staff are already working and collaborating today inside Microsoft Teams
  • Reduces your reliance on expensive and time-poor experts
  • Reduces your risk of your experts housing crucial tacit knowledge and IP
  • Democratises your knowledge and IP, enabling all staff to get answers to their most important questions
  • Increases the consistency and reliability of information
  • Enhances staff productivity, engagement and expertise
  • Facilitates learning and development for both new and existing staff
  • Deployed once, available to all Teams
  • As new use cases arise, askSolution is available

Chatbots in HR

askSolution for Your HR Department

HR is an area that can substantially benefit from the deployment of chatbot technology and artificial intelligence. By acting as a virtual HR manager, various miscellaneous tasks can all be performed and communicated by HR chatbots, examples include automating business processes and simplifying the employee experience. HR bots can offer a more personalised working experience for employees by providing them answers in real time when questions are asked. Many of these questions are often asked and can be easily resolved, so why tire your HR department out with having to repeatedly answer them? askSolution can act as a FAQ bot to answer these common HR questions.

The demands of your staff are increasing, not decreasing. Our customers believe that over 50% of their HR questions are common. The effects of incorporating chatbots in HR are immediate and can be felt by members of all levels within the organization.  With AskHR, they’re freeing up their HR experts to focus on staff engagement and high-value activities, rather than answering the same questions day in and day out.

Use Case: AskHR for Common HR Questions

Introducing askHR

askHR is the answer to common HR questions, providing the ultimate HR self-service platform to your staff. Your askSolution HR chatbot is deployed into Microsoft Teams (aka where your staff are already working). askHR brings your organisation’s HR information into one platform, making it accessible to all staff. askHR is available to staff 24/7, 7 days a week via mobile and desktop.

askHR drives efficiency for your HR team by answering questions on behalf of your HR experts. askHR reads incoming questions and automatically provides answers to questions that have previously been dealt with by your HR team, ensuring consistency in each and every response.

How does askHR benefit my HR Department?

  • askHR reduces the number of questions referred to your HR experts, freeing up their time to focus on high-value activities
  • askHR eliminates error – every answer is correct and is not subjective.
  • askHR introduces consistency in the way each and every question is answered, representing your organisation’s culture and tone of voice
  • If askHR doesn’t know the answer, no problem! askHR tags and notifies the HR expert to ensure that no question goes unanswered.
  • The askHR brain continues to learn and grow over time. As new questions are answered, askHR progressively builds a knowledge database of high-quality responses.

Not a relevant use case for your organisation? No problem, we know of many more!

Bots in IT

askSolution for Your IT Service Desk

Time is a limited resource and with how rapid technology has involved, customers are increasingly expecting prompt support for queries they may have. We’ve all been through the painful process of logging an IT service ticket and having to wait hours (if you’re lucky) or days for a response. How often are those tickets really simple questions that could be addressed quickly? Why not adopt an IT support bot that’ll assist with processing tickets, categorise them, and resolve them?

IT helpdesk bots can answer many common routine queries and service requests such as password resets and access provisions. IT agents are often overwhelmed with these simple requests and have to dedicate a substantial amount of their workday in repeatedly assisting with these transactional inquiries. askSolution as a MS Teams chatbot can take away the heavy lifting involved within IT support by not only timely responding to user issues but also improving customer satisfaction by enabling self-service. The benefits are multiple faceted with a greater customer experience and more productive staff who are focusing their attention to more complex tasks. We’ve heard from our customers that at least 60% of their common service desk tickets are answered instantly using askIT.  Their IT teams are now working pro-actively, rather than struggling with the ever-increasing load of new service requests all thanks to this Teams bot integration.

Use Case: AskIT for IT Service Desk Tickets

Introducing askIT

askIT is your modern IT service desk that provides 24/7 access to a certified IT experts that’s powered by you! For your staff, it’s the one stop shop for IT knowledge that makes their working lives easier and increases their productivity.

askIT frees up your service desk team to work more proactively to stop issues before they arise. Imagine being able to stop new threats in their tracks and answer service desk tickets at the same time! Additionally, IT service desk questions and answers are always handled in a consistent manner ensuring that each question is provided the right answer the first time, every time.

How does askIT benefit my IT Service Desk team?

  • askIT reduces the number of questions referred to your IT experts, freeing up their time to address issues, stop threats and spend time working pro-actively.
  • askIT  eliminates error – every answer is correct and is not subjective.
  • askIT introduces consistency in the way each and every question is answered, representing your organisation’s culture and tone of voice
  • If askIT doesn’t know the answer, no problem! askIT tags and notifies the IT expert to ensure that no question goes unanswered.
  • The askIT brain continues to learn and grow over time. As new questions are answered, askIT progressively builds a knowledge database of high-quality responses.

Not a relevant use case for your organisation? No problem, we know of many more!

How does askSolution work?

Train the brain

askSolution uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand your organisation. The more data you feed askSolution, the more it gets to know you. You can pre-populate your bot with known FAQs before we deploy your bot and then let askSolution do the heavy lifting for you.

Answers on demand

In a world of remote work, askSolution is your virtual solution to the office “tap on the shoulder” for a quick answer. Staff can ask a question anytime and if askSolution doesn’t know, it will send the question directly to the relevant expert and capture their answer for the future.

Full oversight and approval

askSolution will never retain a Q&A response without your approval. You can vet any questions and answers at any stage. Over time, askSolution will align with your selections and tone of voice so it becomes a natural and highly functional source of knowledge.

Unlimited capacity

askSolution can acquire unlimited knowledge across all business divisions and facilitate cross-functional knowledge sharing to help staff gain a deeper understanding of how their work contributes to the bigger picture. askSolution can be deployed as one bot, or many.

Analyse Staff trends

What are your staff interested in right now? Are they asking questions about working from home policies, IT issues, or sick leave? askSolution collects this data and integrates with Power BI to give you unprecedented access to staff trends and sentiment to ultimately help you make timely data-driven decisions.

Unlock the power of Teams chatbots! Contact us to see what Microsoft Teams Bots can do for your organisation today.