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Here’s how Antares delivered a solution to help a global distribution company save time and set up a more effective communication system.  

The Problem  

Our client has made an investment in the Microsoft Cloud Platform with a recent Teamwork assessment completed by Antares and Microsoft. This assessment identified the following key initiatives as primary areas for improvement.   

  • Improved engagements with staff members  
  • Build a knowledge base that is easily accessible and to have insight into what staff are saying.     
  • The ability to provide advice, answers and guidance on HR Matters 24 hours per day,7 days per week. 

The HR Team is inundated with questions about annual leave, employee documents, internal processes etc. Staff were also spending a considerable amount of time looking for information and waiting for an answer from HR.

The Solution

As Antares completed the Teamwork Assessment their knowledge of the client’s environment was fresh in mind, the relationship was established, and trust had been built.

Antares proposed the deployment of their AskHR virtual assistant into the client’s Microsoft Teams environment. The AskHR virtual assistant is an intelligent chatbot that helps answer common employee requests and questions. It leverages the latest Microsoft cognitive artificial intelligence services to build an active knowledge base through user collaboration and interactions on Microsoft Teams.  

Antares delivered this solution through two project phases, planning and deployment.

The planning phase involved a series of validation and technical workshops to ensure our team understood the requirements of the engagement, all team members were across the solution and the processes for moving forward were clear.

Phase two, Deployment. The configuration of Microsoft Teams, preparation of knowledgebase content and end user training.

The Results

Since implementing askSolution, both staff and the HR team have experienced massive time savings. There are reductions in time spent waiting for the right answer, looking for answers, and ensuring that the answer is correct. The HR Team can also focus on high value tasks such as engaging with employees without being weighed down with answering repetitive questions.  

The global distribution company’s staff are now able to access a single source of truth with immediate access to the right information. Previously HR knowledge was only located within HR personnel, but with askSolution, the knowledge can now be shared \wide across all the company’s worldwide offices. Within the first year of being rolled out, askSolution has reduced the one-on-one conversations with HR staff by 30%. 

What’s Next?

In the future, the global distribution company plans to have additional reporting and dashboards built for their Microsoft Teams which will further help them leverage employee insights and improve their digital workspace.