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In the midst of a client emergency, Deloitte Australia engaged Antares to provide a rapid break fix for their benchmarking platform.

Antares’ team completed the project to such a high standard that they went on to help Deloitte’s team completely upgrade the product to the delight of Deloitte’s clients.

About Deloitte

Deloitte is a global accounting firm with an extensive consulting practice and the largest professional services network in the world.  

Founded in 1845 in the United Kingdom, the corporation is home to almost 300,000 staff who operate in more than 150 countries and territories.  

Deloitte provides audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and related services. Their client base ranges from Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals through to small family businesses.  

Deloitte Australia has offices in every state and territory across the country.  

The Problem

An innovative client solution lacked utility, speed and user experience

Deloitte Australia’s professional services team has historically operated on a fee-for-service model. More recently, they decided to add technology solutions to the mix to help address challenges they knew their clients were facing.

“For the past 5 years, we have worked on a de-coupled offering so our clients can purchase a product or subscription service that allows them to self-serve and gain insights through data,” says David Kwok, Product Owner at Deloitte.

“eProfit is our new benchmarking platform, and it now looks after 26 brands in Australia and New Zealand with 1200 dealers and more than 3,000 monthly users.

“We built the platform internally using a Microsoft tech stack and engaged an external vendor to build the reporting, business intelligence (BI), and data warehouse side.”

When the external vendor had completed the build, it lacked the functionality, speed and user experience David’s team were expecting. With Antares’ expert technical team already working on a different project with Deloitte, David reached out for help.

The Solution

A trusted partnership

Antares’ team worked quickly to resolve the solution’s most pressing issues, before finding several other previously unknown issues that needed to be addressed.

“The Antares team did a wonderful job – they did things that no one else had been able to, and we suddenly had all of our expectations exceeded.”

David Kwok, Product Owner at Deloitte

“Right from the start, the Antares team basically showed us they were more than capable of not only getting the product to run, but cleaning it up and making it better,” says David. “And that’s what led to the relationship we have today.”

David has since engaged Antares to work on numerous projects with his team; a relationship he says has been of great benefit to Deloitte and their clients.

“Antares has contributed significantly to the value of our client platform. We were the first team in Deloitte Australia to have a customer-facing Power BI solution, and it wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have the Antares team helping us with the architecture and guiding us with their technical know-how.”

The Results

Deloitte’s clients enjoy a faster, more effective, user-friendly platform

David says their product’s client reports went from being very bland and almost illegible to having fantastic visuals and interactive functionality. Instead of taking 5-10 minutes to load, reports now load in seconds.

“The feedback has been fantastic. It’s a massive change to how the data is displayed and how our clients can interact with it when they use the program. We really value the relationship we have with Antares because we feel they’re part of our team, not just a vendor or resource we give work to.

“They put merit behind my crackpot ideas, and come to the table with really good solutions to the problem we face. We may not even ask them to look into something, but if they’ve noticed it they will speak up. It’s a really nice working relationship.”

What’s Next?

“Our relationship with Antares is a genuine business partnership. We treat their team as part of ours and vice versa. They are really amazing to work with – we feel like they have our backs and we really appreciate it.”

David Kwok, Product Owner at Deloitte

Antares and Deloitte continue to work together on various projects across various teams, including having some works going on presently. Antares values the vendor-client relationship, and strives to replicate the same style of partnership they have with Deloitte with all clients. The team is looking forward to working with Deloitte, David and his colleagues, on many more projects, and hopefully including the wider Cloud Collective alliance partners, IComm, Quorum and Walkerscott.