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CGU Insurance, a 2,000 plus employee subsidiary of IAG Insurance, one of Australia’s largest insurers, had developed a communication problem. Staff were constantly bombarded with irrelevant and often outdated information that made their day-to-day tasks more difficult. Intranet usage was decreasing, and productivity was being affected. CGU staff shared an intranet with IAG staff, meaning that CGU had also begun to lose their corporate image and brand identity.

Management at CGU wanted to implement a new communication and collaboration platform that would be more relevant to CGU Insurance and their staff. CGU Insurance wanted to break free of IAG and re-create their brand identity and develop a unique corporate culture.

“Antares worked in partnership with CGU to ensure that we delivered a successful and robust solution”

Management wanted to create a cultural shift in the way employees communicated with each other to:

  • Make communication more efficient.
  • Stop bombarding people with irrelevant broadcast emails.
  • Push all communications out to everyone, but let employees choose what they want to read.
  • Provide business units with structure and authority to communicate changes and address issues.
  • Create an environment of choice and self-responsibility.

By using SharePoint, we were able to provide employees with the opportunity to personalise news they receive while providing Corporate Communications with the opportunity to push relevant organisational information.

The Solution

Antares Solutions proposed implementing a Microsoft SharePoint Server to provide the business with Enterprise Content Management and Document Management. The solution was split into many parts, but importantly it would allow:

  • A separate channel of communication from IAG
  • A clear and dedicated communications channel for CGU Insurance employees.
  • A personalised communication channel where information was targeted based on the needs and department of the employee.
  • Information to be held in a single location that would act as the only source of truth.

The solution would allow CGU Insurance to efficiently operate as their organisation internally, and not rely on an existing channel of communication that buried the organisation’s culture and image.


CGU Insurance’s new intranet portal provided staff with an efficient channel of communication that allowed staff to be provided with relevant information, without being overloaded with unrelated information. ‘LiveWire’, the new company intranet provides the company with the following benefits:

  • A communication channel that allows employees to engage with one another in a beneficial way.
  • A single source for CGU communication and information, including policies, procedures, processes and frameworks.
  • Reduced IT and administration costs because existing content is rationalised from various sources into one place.
  • Business units have the ability to create a tailored view of Livewire for their people that reduced information clutter and overload.
  • Take advantage of additional features within SharePoint to further improve business processes.
  • Workflow capabilities streamline the delivery of content and information.


A new portal to become a primary source of information, creating a cultural shift.


  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Knowledge Management