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5 Tips for Increasing Student Engagement and Learning

Sulabh Jain

Head of Product

January 20th, 2022

Student engagement and learning are vital for thriving societies. Student engagement measures each student’s interest, optimism, and attention towards class material. High student engagement results in better grades. This end result yields higher retention of class content.

The merits of student engagement manifest over time. Engaged students eventually become leaders, embrace challenges, and become positive influences to others. Looking to increase student engagement? The tips highlighted in this article will help.

Incorporate Interactive Learning

Classes should not be a one-way projection of information where students just sit and listen to their teachers everyday. It should be much more engaging and interactive whereby students are encouraged to actively participate in discussions and collaborate with their peers.

Interactive learning takes on a hands-on approach that stimulates interaction among students. Learning pivots away from passive learning and rote memorisation to meaningful discussions that inspire students. By participating in conversations, students can develop their interpersonal skills that are critical to navigating life beyond school.

Project Based Learning

This learning approach turns students into active explorers of present challenges and problems. Project based learning helps students gain the confidence to speak on current issues and look for solutions. Some teachers assign a real-world problem such as a social issue and encourage students to plan a solution.

The in-class solution may not solve the problem, but it can bring the world closer to a solution. For example, some students plant and manage gardens to feed the homeless. This activity does not eradicate homelessness, but it is a step in the right direction.

Project based learning equips students with the skills they need to effectively navigate challenges in the real world that parallels what professionals do daily. By encouraging students to develop curiosity and key skills such as critical thinking, the information that they learn can be better transformed into meaningful outcomes.

Incorporate Technology for Student Engagement

Growing up as digital natives, students are increasingly expecting technology to also be integrated into education. Technology in the classroom not only better engages student with learning material but helps them learn at their own pace. The various facets of digital tools helps students re-visit content in a manner that is suited to their needs and learning style that traditional learning would not be able to offer.

The Adaptive Learning Experience, or aleX, takes education to the next level by building digital communities and encouraging discussion amongst students. Within aleX is a digital learning assistant called QBot which automatically answers commonly asked questions from students at the exact time they need help. Students are able to access learning materials at anytime they wish so they can study at their own pace and revisit content whenever needed.

Students who struggle with homework will feel lost in the classroom and can lag behind their peers. The right technology can avert this scenario and boost student engagement. On-demand access to lesson material and documents can reinforce concepts and boost grades.

Active Learning

Some students require a nudge to boost engagement. Active learning creates an environment where students engage with the subject material. Active learning relies on several methods such as case studies, problem solving, discussions, and role plays. These learning activities place greater control and responsibility on the student.

The teacher’s role in active learning is to guide discussions. The teacher can ask questions that stimulate discussions which inspire students to collaborate and share ideas with classmates. Active learning helps students to engage with the material on a deeper level. Students apply what they learn and hence, better retain the material.

Active learning does not have to occur throughout an entire class and can be incorporated into a portion of class time.

The diverse modes of active learning support students who have different learning styles so that everyone is accommodated to achieve their best.

A popular active learning strategy is to place students into group projects. By facilitating discussion between groups, students are able to think critically and evaluate others’ responses against their own. This enables them to explore different perspectives and build upon each other’s ideas to better synthesise information.

Build an Online Learning Community

Student engagement increases if you let students interact with each other and build relationships. By facilitating peer to peer collaboration, students are provided with the opportunity to learn from one another and think critically on learning material. An online learning community provides a steppingstone for students to develop valuable soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork which are vital to their future success.

A learning community not only helps with in-person teaching but is a must for virtual learning. The community represents an opportunity to discuss the learning material and meet classmates. Breaking the ice is the most challenging step to increasing student engagement. Once classes get past this initial stage, high student engagement becomes more attainable.

Student Engagement Strategies Work Over Time

Technology is becoming an essential element of the student experience. Keeping students engaged has a direct impact on their learning success so it’s vital that the right techniques are used to motivate them to actively participate in their education journey. The Adaptive Learning Experience can help teachers boost engagement in their classrooms by providing students with the right information at the right time. Contact us to see how aleX can help your classroom achieve higher student engagement.

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