Introducing QBot

As technology unlocks new ways to engage, collaborate and learn, how can education providers adapt to prevent the student voice from getting lost in the noise? As digital native students come to expect a system that allows them to form a community as they learn. QBot provides the answer.

“Question Bot” aka “QBot”, is a world-first, AI-infused chatbot that answers student queries. It is a community learning application that helps individuals interact. QBot uses machine learning and AI to build a body of knowledge that students can tap for 24/7 support.

How does QBot work?

QBot leverages Microsoft Teams combined with specific features and tools to improve user engagement and help develop an online learning community. 

QBot is Transforming how Students Learn, Interact and Collaborate

For forward-thinking education institutions, these tools have limitless potential – from improving student engagement, to achieving better learning outcomes.

St Peters boosts students’ maths learning with QBot

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