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A subsidiary of one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies responsible for the sales and distribution of the parent company’s prepaid business across retail, distributors and supermarket chains.

Business Need

The client operates in a dynamic environment where access to up to date information is critical to an effective and efficient operation of the business. While they had robust transactional ERP, CRM and related systems, there was no easy way to access a single view of data across these systems.

The client built both a Data Warehouse and Analytical Cube a long time ago using a different technology vendor. At some point, this vendor was not able to support the solution going forward, and that is how the client came to Antares.

At the same time, the client was looking for an agnostic approach to Business Intelligence; an approach focused on solving specific business problems and not dependent on a particular technology.


Being led by Business Process first and then Technology, our engagement with the client started by getting an understanding of their business and identifying the indicators they use to measure success in their field.

The Antares Data Framework was introduced and adapted to fit in the client’s data platform, to facilitate the implementation of changes and for the ease of the ongoing maintenance of the solution (for both Data Warehouse and BI components).

A Data Integration Hub was developed to capture different pieces of data, existent in multiple isolated source systems, and to transform them into a single view of data. With this solution, the client was able to have a single view of their core data entities, such as Customer and Product and use them to analyse Shipments, Activations and Recharges.

Currently, Antares is responsible for managing the Data Platform for the client; resulting in the execution of both proactive and reactive support activities, therefore guaranteeing the continuous availability of the Data Warehouse and BI solution, and the client having access to the right data at the right time.


The Data Warehouse provides the backbone of all business reporting including Sales and Business Performance, Commissions, Channel Management and Operations. By using Antares to support their data platform, our client can now focus on building a better business using a reliable platform.

Antares commitment to always provide value has enabled the client to leverage technology to help their business while serving as a catalyst for organisational transformation.