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About the Customer

Our customer is one of the largest privately-owned companies in Australia and employs over 2000 staff members nationwide. The company has interests in construction material with operations within residential and commercial construction.


A governance upgrade for Teams

With a large number of staff and hundreds of Teams being created, the customer wanted to ensure that it had mechanisms in place to support ongoing growth of the platform.

The customer partnered with Antares to implement an automated governance solution for Microsoft Teams.

The Problem

Finding pre-emptive solutions for tomorrow’s problems

The customer wanted to keep all the benefits of their existing collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, while increasing security, organisation, and governance. They didn’t want their Teams environment to spiral out of control and become too unmanageable. Thus, to be more proactive, they decided they wanted to have measures in place rather than wait for a problem to develop.

While the customer had an in-house IT team, they recognised that with so many other responsibilities, the IT department can’t be spread too thin in managing Microsoft Teams.

The customer also wanted to empower end-users to manage their own Teams with confidence while having processes in place that enabled the organisation to remain compliant with its own policies and requirements.

The Solution

Empowering staff with automated processes and simplified design

The Antares team implemented Tellus, a Microsoft Teams governance solution, to meet the customer’s needs. Tellus was the perfect solution because it controls the lifecycle of every Teams from creation to archival or deletion. With Tellus, the organisation was able to standardise processes for managing and creating Teams and enabled their IT team to have a tool that allowed them to easily govern the platform.

Overall, with Tellus the customer benefited from the following features:

  • Application of the right level of information classification and security to every Team
  • Workflow approvals for the creation of new Teams
  • Managing Teams, changing inactive Teams to archived, unarchived, or deleted
  • Capturing the right metadata to understand who owns Teams and why
  • Centralised dashboard to see active, archived, and deleted Teams at a glance

The Results

Future-proofing Microsoft Teams

Tellus solved the number one Teams challenge the customer was struggling with: governance. Thus, from a governance and management perspective, the customer now has a standardised process for approving and creating Teams. Tellus has provided the customer with an all-in-one Teams governance tool that takes the entire lifecycle of a Team and usage of the collaboration platform into account.

Tellus also saves the customer time and energy by undertaking most of the heavy lifting in manual tasks related to managing and monitoring Microsoft Teams with the help of automated processes. The birds eye view of all Teams and their statuses gives users the necessary information to make quick decisions on which Teams to keep or delete.

Finally, with time saved, the IT support team is empowered to focus their efforts on core value-driving tasks without the added pressure of managing another system.

Moving forward, the customer plans to expand on their Microsoft Teams and Tellus investment by engaging Antares to create additional templates that meet their use case needs.

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