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An Australian, ASX listed mining company was in need of a new intranet portal to transform their internal communication and to build team collaboration. Their existing intranet was out-dated, lacked proper governance and was only one of multiple file storage solutions.

Management wanted to develop an intranet portal that would provide staff with a modern solution to increase productivity and reduce the frustration associated with IT solutions.

The Solution

Based on the needs of our client, Antares implemented a new intranet portal on Microsoft technologies in the cloud. Using Microsoft SharePoint Online, Office 365 and other cloud services, Antares developed an intranet solution that:
Is available from any computer with services available from the cloud. Acts as the central communications and collaboration portal for the organisation, Australia-wide.

Provides employees with a single source of truth, with files stored in a single location. The mining company now has access to a modern, flexible solution that suits their employee’s needs. Services stored in the cloud have allowed the new intranet portal to meet the needs of the broad base of employees, located Australia-wide.


Key benefits of the intranet solution include:

  • Increased productivity and collaboration of employees with a complete intranet solution.
  • Easy document management with the latest versions available in one location.
  • A simple channel of communication between employees and departments.


A modern, flexible online solution to connect employees Australia-wide


  • SharePoint Online
  • Office 365