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Case Studies

Bridging the Gap: Modernising the School Timetable Sync

Antares has successfully delivered a modern application that meets all of the minimum requirements. The new application is built on a modern framework and is accompanied by comprehensive documentation to ensure smooth operation, and future maintenance and is in line with best practice standards.

What our clients say

“The main advantage of using aleX and QBot is being able to get the right help to the right student at the right time.”

The Antares Project Team were wonderful throughout the delivery of this project. What CSBB and I personally really valued was the strategic consultancy given throughout the design and build phases. Antares are a vendor that don’t “sell” for the sake of selling. They truly want the best outcome for the client and will advise us against decisions that would do more harm than good and have the client’s best interests at heart, regardless of the outcome for themselves.

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