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10 Reasons Why NFPs Should Work with Power BI

Priya Sandeep

Marketing Executive

December 10th, 2018

We’ve written before about how not-for-profit organisations can benefit from modernising their operations through digital technologies.

If you’re already using Microsoft products or considering making the switch, you can’t look past Power BI as part of your modernisation strategy. This interactive and easy-to-use business intelligence tool helps you understand data through visualisations and reports.

It’s a must-have in the highly competitive not-for-profit landscape, especially when it comes to achieving and demonstrating impact. Let’s take a closer look at how Power BI can transform your not-for-profit’s operations.

1. Bring awareness to more people

Power BI makes it easy to create stunning dashboards, graphics and charts that illustrate your impact. In the social media generation, visualisations that communicate what your organisation does, or the impact that you make, are a powerful tool for reaching new audiences.

2. Help staff work more efficiently

Power BI takes the hard work out of data analysis. Your team can save time cleaning, collating and interpreting data. Instead, they’ll be free to focus on achieving impact, not making sense of spreadsheets.

3. Use data to attract more donors

Before parting with their cash, savvy donors want proof that not-for-profits are spending donations appropriately and achieving a real impact for those in need. Power BI lets you generate hard-hitting stats, facts and charts so you can show the world how you use donations to make a difference.

4. See your performance at a glance

Forget spending hours mining through reports and spreadsheets to find out how your organisation is performing against financial and operational targets. With Power BI services, you can see how you’re tracking against targets and KPIs at the click of a button (and slash your team’s reporting burden!).

Check out Antares pre-built dashboard for NFP here!

5. Track your operations in real time

Has your team ever spent weeks compiling a report, only to discover that the information is out of date by the time it reaches senior management? With PowerBI, those days are behind you. Power BI makes your data available in real-time, so you always have up-to-date information about your performance, budget and operations.

6. Use data to tell compelling stories

Bring the stories of your organisation to life by using real data about the impact you’ve made in your target areas. Best of all? The visualisations you need to tell your story are a breeze to generate in Power BI. Don’t just tell your story – illustrate it!

7. See your business in a new light

When faced with a series of Excel spreadsheets and financial reports, it can be hard to see trends, patterns or opportunities in your organisation’s performance. Power BI takes your data and displays it in a visual format, allowing you to uncover insights you may not have previously noticed.

8. See your data in one place

We all know the frustration of navigating multiple spreadsheets and systems to answer a simple question about your operations or performance. Power BI puts an end to the pain: by integrating data from multiple source systems, you can see everything you need on one screen.

9. Invest where it matters most

PowerBI gives you the tools you need to understand your organisation’s performance. Data visualisations and reporting metrics give you information to make decisions about how best to use your funding to achieve maximum impact.

10. Save time and money

Antares makes it affordable to invest in business intelligence. Power BI is cost-effective to use and can drive efficiencies in business operations that will see your banking savings quickly. Ask us about our Power Bi services.

Antares is committed to delivering the best results for your not-for-profit organisation. We help you make sense of your data and connect your people, processes and technology to accelerate your impact and realise your mission. Contact us today

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