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Using the power of AI, aleX provides the highest quality experience by encouraging a sense of community while promoting student involvement, learning and overall engagement.

#SPACE Intranet

Create your unique physical and digital workspace with a custom intranet solution equipped with fully functional capabilities.

askSolution Bot

Leverage the power of a virtual assistant that retains your IP and frees up your experts time so they can focus on the most important tasks.

Learning Analytics

Deliver unparalleled value to educators and students alike by delving deep into learners’ interactions with course material and optimising teaching approaches.

Data Framework

Provide structure to your organisation’s daily collection, use, and management of data across applications.

Tellus for Teams Governance

Create, manage, govern, and report on your Microsoft Teams with an integrated governance solution.

Modern Data Warehouse

Stay compliant and keep your data in prime condition with a data warehousing solution that provides a single source of truth.

Quickstart Solutions

Kickstart your organisation’s digital transformation with our ready to deploy, tested solutions that can be customised to meet your unique needs.

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