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Tellus - Streamline and Simplify your Microsoft Teams Environment

Give your staff the freedom to collaborate and get their job done with the guard rails up

What is Tellus?

Tellus is your answer to Microsoft Teams governance; your central hub for creating, managing and governing Teams that’s integrated into the fabric of your Teams app.

Tellus controls the lifecycle of every Team: from creation through to archival or deletion.

Tellus provides a faster, simpler and safer way for your staff to take control of their collaboration needs using Teams. Don’t worry about your governance challenges or their specific needs – Tellus takes care of it all for you, including cataloging your Teams with custom metadata.

Your staff have full freedom to create Teams, but an automated approval workflow ensures you avoid duplication and sprawl. They’ll love the wizard-style approach to creating Teams as it’s using language.

Tellus has 4 unique templates that have been engineered to meet the needs of your most common use cases. The Team, channel and tabs are all setup for your staff giving them a running start to collaborate sooner in a structured way. We’ve removed the need for setup! Your organisation will be instantly equipped with greater governance to ensure efficiency and security.

Once created, Tellus provides a simple, central dashboard for the day-to-day management of Teams. Staff will see not only their Teams, but also all accessible Teams. Security permitting, they’ll be able to search for and edit Teams, archive and delete Teams from one place. They’ll even be able to restore deleted Teams – something only possible through the O365 admin portal by Administrators today.

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Why do you need it?

Managed well, Teams is your modern workplace, but without careful planning Teams can spiral out of control.

The top 3 concerns with Teams we hear from organisations just like yours are as follows:


What makes Tellus great?

Tellus’ templatised approach removes the confusion of what tools to use and when. We provide a configured collaboration space that’s ready to use immediately.

No need to understand how to setup and link the underlying Teams assets: SharePoint, Planner, OneNote – they’re all setup for your Teams.

Your dashboard is the only place to see a list of all Teams without being a Teams Admin access.

Is Tellus not exactly what you need? If there is a particular template, specific metadata, an approval process or additional security requirements you wish to have built into Tellus, we can customise your deployment for you!