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Application Transformation


Find ways to tackle hundreds or even thousands of applications in your enterprise

Organisations are charged with managing software portfolios containing thousands — even tens of thousands — of applications. Before planning any application transition, it is essential to understand the basic characteristics and features of traditional and cloud-native applications.  Antares application transformation products and offerings aim to help IT departments tackle the growing use of mobile computing and digitization in the enterprise.

Check out Antares offerings

  • Enhanced applications – with modern interfaces and technology improvements that integrate easily with modern way of working. We’ll re-use what you already have to reduce costs and get you up and running faster.
  • Application integration – integrate applications and data across your business to break down silos, and create a single source of truth to help you make better business decisions.
  • Re-building legacy applications – give your legacy applications a makeover with the latest technology to provide a better user experience, and reduce the cost of maintenance.
  • Application migration – migrate from one platform to another seamlessly and with minimal disruption to BAU.
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Did you know?

Our team of highly skilled consultants specialise in delivering SharePoint solutions both in on-premise and Cloud environments as well as providing solutions around BI & Data Analytics, Custom Application, Mobility, Migration and Managed Services.