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QBot – Transforming the education industry

Find out how Antares is transforming the education industry with Bots and Microsoft Teams

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Future-proofing the past

How Antares helped State Library of NSW to Optimise Digitisation.

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Transform your HR with the power of askHRplus.

Driving employee engagement  improves your organisational culture, staff retention and company performance…  but how do we do this?

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Request a one-on-one discovery workshop with Antares’ non-for-profit experts.

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Tellus – Streamline and Simplify your Microsoft Teams Environment

Give your staff the freedom to collaborate and get their job done with the guard rails up

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Digital Business Workplace Transformation

Industry expertise

Our solutions


Uncover the power of your data and maximise your impact with Antares' dashboard for NFP.

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Space Intranet

Custom Intranet solution with a unique blend of technology and process, built to last and delivered fast.

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Kanboard is an interactive business tool created by Antares Solutions that converts your lists into an easy to manage, visual board.

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Say goodbye to inaccurate and outdated sales pipelines. Aria uses artificial intelligence to make client and sales management a breeze.

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Your next gen corporate directory on the desktop or intranet. A single repository for all enterprise employee information.

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Power BI

You're sitting on a goldmine of data. The Challenge is to put that data to work to help grow your business.

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