Tellus: The next step in Microsoft teams governance

Aaron Cunnington

Managing Director

April 28th, 2022

The changing face of the digital workplace 

Microsoft Teams is now used by more than 90% of the top Fortune 100 companies with a continuously growing user base. With more people using the platform, come more opportunities for governance, security and compliance problems, user confusion, and productivity loss.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case with the only Microsoft Teams governance solution of its kind, Tellus.

Where it all started 

With years of experience in the industry, Antares had become a leader in the setup and implementation of intranets using SharePoint. Unsurprisingly, organisations were constantly looking for collaborative tools that worked straight out of the box – something easy enough for users to start collaborating straight away. 

Head of Product for Antares, Sulabh Jain explains how this influenced Tellus’ core functionality. 

We designed unique templates called ‘Collaboration Workspaces’ to provide SharePoint users with tailor-made starting points. HR, marketing, sales – it didn’t matter which department you worked in – everybody could have their own set of standardised workspaces with their own singular nuances. This included project issues, risks, schedules, calendar, team members – whatever the organisations required.”  

Eventually, this idea shifted from SharePoint to Teams.  

Better Teams governance 

Tellus is the only product on the market that offers a faster, simpler and safer way for staff to take control of user collaboration needs in Microsoft Teams. With its central dashboard for simplified Teams management, anybody can keep on top of new, replicated and archived content. Organisations can start creating from day one without confusion, and in an environment that doesn’t compromise on security and compliance.  

We wanted to leverage our experience and expertise in professional services, while also helping our customers implement best practice Teams. At the time, there was no mechanism for customers to do that. We knew what we needed to do, we just needed to find a way to do it at scale, this is where Tellus came to life," adds Sulabh.

One solution for your Teams governance problems

At the heart of Tellus, is the ability for anybody to implement best practices whilst using Microsoft Teams solutions. Tellus helps users focus on their core business and stop wasting limited resources on trying to navigate Teams. Here’s how. 

Teams sprawl

With limited accountability or approval processes, the chance of duplicate content in Teams increases. Sulabh explains why this is such a problem:  

If you’re sharing data with partners and customers, and not managing it, you’re increasing your security risk of leaking confidential data and information.” 

Tellus solves this via its automatic approval workflow, giving administrators and organisations greater Teams visibility, and stopping data from ending up where it isn’t supposed to be.  


Tellus comes packaged with four, highly flexible templates as standard. But for those that need something a little more ‘them’, customised templates can be bundled together to create a workspace with the right Teams applications and technologies for any department in any organisation.  

Who is Tellus for?


End users will have no trouble navigating and accessing relevant Teams. Advanced filtering and archiving allow users to easily create Teams from day one, without stressing about confusing setups and complex authorisation processes.  


Tellus provides greater insight into how Teams is being applied by users and where to focus your attention. With a wide range of analytics and insights, administrators can identify areas of interest and respond with informed, effective actions. 


Tellus is the perfect solution for mitigating breaches or compromises. This is critical in a space like Microsoft Teams, where the potential for user error is quite high. Staff can then focus on their jobs without worrying about safety and security, boosting their productivity and adhering to Teams governance best practices. 

If you’d like to see how Tellus can bring your organisation, administrators and end users together to collaborate freely from day one, book a free demo today.

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