Helping students reach their full potential with revolutionary education solutions.

In this webinar, you will learn about the Teaching and Learning Solution by Antares that is changing the way students interact and learn by building transformational education solutions for large universities. These solutions are capable of augmenting the online and offline learning experience.

You will also see the journey of “Question Bot” aka “QBot”, which is a world-first, AI-infused, Microsoft Teams-integrated chatbot that answers student queries. A community learning application that helps humans interact, QBot uses machine learning to build a body of knowledge that students can tap for 24/7 support.

Our purpose is to empower every university with the right digital tools to prepare for the education of the future.

Topics Include

  • Introduction to the Teaching and Learning Solution
  • The journey of QBot in a classroom at University of New South Wales comprising of 500 students
  • How the solution significantly improved the engagement and collaboration amongst students and tutors
  • How to provide a personalised learning and teaching experience to increase students’ knowledge about the course
  • Empowering the students with 24/7 support by answering their questions and solving complex problems with the help of others
  • Achieve significant time savings that allow the teachers to spend more time with students
  • Enabling students to get better results and reach their full potential

QBot Considerations

  • 24/7 availability – unlike educators, bots are free to answer questions at any hour
  • QBot learns from each interaction, becoming more valuable over time
  • Instant answers facilitates student success
  • Huge time savings for educators
  • Increased pass rate