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Thank You. Your CFO’s Big Data Analytics Guide Is On Its Way To Your Inbox

Here’s How to Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights – Guaranteed!

By downloading our guide, you’ve armed yourself with a valuable tool for gaining a practical understanding of Big Data Analytics.

HOWEVER, If you want to truly maximise the benefits of your download and help to elevate your organisation to a higher level of productivity, efficiency, and profitability – there’s something else you can do to gain insights from your data, improve performance and truly become a data driven  business.

Listen: The days of trying to stitch together “insights” by creating pivot tables in Excel are rapidly coming to an end. Top organisations have taken huge steps towards building out powerful predictive analytics models, feeding in data from multiple sources to create real-time dashboards that are clear, concise and easily accessible. 

Data-driven organisations like Amazon are devouring everything in their path. If you want to transform your own organisation, the first step requires understanding what your data challenges are, and how to prioritise activities to lead you to powerful insights in the most efficient way possible. 

These insights have resulted in:

  • Blackmores reducing HR report preparation time by 80%
  • Northcott cutting reporting time from 3 weeks of full time work for one employee every month to zero and adding $2M+ additional revenue per year to their business.
  • Kennards slicing report admin time by over 30% across IT and business teams.

This is exactly what we do at Antares Solutions. And we’re so confident that we’ll deliver, we’re willing to guarantee it.

What makes Antares different?

  1. An Antares project is not complete until you are receiving the business benefits that were outlined at the start of the project. Which simply means that we will keep working non-stop until we deliver exactly what we said we would.
  2. Antares has developed data automated ingestion tools that allow us to deliver data and analytics projects in a fraction of the time of our competitors. We know that one of the biggest frustrations that organisations have with big data projects is how long they take to deliver valuable insights. We start with the end in mind and deliver in short sharp sprints so high priority business benefits are delivered fast.
  3. We’re a boutique data analytics consultancy, specialised in all things Microsoft & PowerBI (with all the relevant certifications and partnerships to boot). This means that we only work with a very small, very targeted group of clients at any one time. Quality rather than quantity!
  4. And finally, our industry-leading performance guarantee: You WILL achieve clearer, more actionable reporting to make data-driven decisions, or you pay nothing!

Your Personalised Consultation with Antares

By booking in a FREE 45 Minute Phone Consultation with one of our senior Antares representatives, you’ll gain exclusive access to the complex world of Big Data Analytics under the guidance of a trained professional.

Your session will be uniquely tailored to your company’s specific needs, goals and current relationship with data. We’ll start by discussing:

  • Your business
  • How you and your team currently use, manage and harness data
  • Any difficulties your business might presently be experiencing

Then, we’ll use our knowledge and expertise to give you some initial ideas as to how you can:

  • Most effectively use data to increase your company’s efficiency and gain better insight into your customers, staff and operations
  • Solve any existing or looming issues with data
  • Put in place data best practices + prioritise data issues and opportunities

The way Antares engaged with us was excellent. We could have comprehensive discussions about what we needed and get a quick understanding of the cost and timeframe. The team worked closely with us, picked up the subject matter very quickly, and engaged with the user community very well. I appreciated that very much. The team has been very effective.

Raqib Sabur, Project Leader Digitisation, State Library

Antares were fantastic, and it was a unique project that was a lot of fun. They were very collaborative, and there was lots of brainstorming, with a flexibility in terms of building what we knew we wanted. We’re very happy with the finished product.

Dr David Kellermann, Lecturer, UNSW

No Cost, Zero Pressure

WHAT’S MORE – there’s absolutely no pressure attached. It is wholly your choice what you decide to do with any of the valuable insights and advice we share with you. There are no hidden obligations or strings attached. 

AND this priceless experience is completely free of cost.

So, you’ll get:  

  • knowledge about data from professionals
  • personalised and specialist insights into your company’s current data health and potential future
  • an idea of the solutions you might require to solve any problems you’re presently experiencing or might come up against in the future

AND all of this, without any obligations or a hefty price tag.

So, really, what can you lose by scheduling in a consultation? What’s stopping you?

Take the next steps to securing your data-fuelled future today.

Tailored Solutions for Your Specific Organisational Data Challenges

No doubt you’re excited about implementing a Big Data system, but also feeling some trepidation at the issues you could run into. Issues like how much it will cost, how long it will take, and whether your organisation even has usable data that can be turned into insight.

With Antares you don’t have to be.

We exist to make your data-driven decisions confident, efficient and proactive. We have ready-to-deploy solutions that are not only already utilized by ASX 200 listed companies, but can be rapidly implemented into your organisation’s own specific situation. Our clients typically reduce operational reporting time by 80% or more. No wonder that we’re willing to stand behind our results with our performance guarantee.

Put it this way: you can either continue manually combining spreadsheets to provide static reports that are costly to produce, contain weeks old information, and are not even remotely user friendly, OR you can centralise your data, present automated business KPI dashboards and start gaining real time insights into your customers, staff and operations.

The first step on your data analytics journey begins now.

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