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Antares has a range of offerings specially designed for nonprofit organisations who want to maximise their resource usage, lower operating costs, streamline business reporting and make the most of their data to secure government funding and do more for the community. Take advantage of one or more of our services listed below to accelerate your Digital Transformation journey powered by data.


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Increase your impact with fewer resources.

Having a dedicated resource to extract data and put together reports is time-consuming, expensive and prone to error. Why not automate this process and free up resources to do what you enjoy doing the most? Making an impact!

Antares understands that accurate and timely reporting is central to your future funding levels and overall success as an organisation. With Antares, you will leverage technology to best allocate your resources to streamline operations, maximising the impact for your clients.

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Data Realisation Workshop

This free preparatory workshop helps organisations assess their data readiness and develop a data migration strategy to the cloud.

Together with IT and Business Users, in this four-hour workshop we will tackle:

  • Current state of your data
  • Data ecosystem
  • High-level business needs

The workshop can be delivered online or face to face to help you build your initial data roadmap assessing the organisation’s data capabilities across four domains: vision and data strategy, data practices, technology and infrastructure, and organisational talent and skillsets.

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Power BI Quickstart

The Power BI Quickstart Workshop delivers a comprehensive training experience that focuses on educating the end-user to access, analyse, and visualise data.

This face to face five-day workshop focuses on education, with the key objective of making self-service BI a reality for your nonprofit organisation. This is achieved by teaching your employees a methodology to better integrate business intelligence as part of their day to day activities.

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Nonprofits Modern Data Warehouse Accelerator

This accelerator allows nonprofit organisations to easily move their data into a best practice cloud architecture without incurring any significant costs. Organisations are able to fast track their journey to the cloud by using pre-built data models, reports and dashboards to gain insights into their data from day one.

Benefits of the accelerator include:

  • Fast delivery to the business using an agile approach.
  • Analyse data from multiple data sources and create unified data models for better decision making.
  • Reduce cost by using self-service reporting and advanced analytics to get deeper insights.
  • Reduce cost and effort to store and manage data

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Mission Australia

“If we provide people with the most efficient tools and the most efficient ways to do things, that allows them to spend more time with clients. In the future we want to be able to create smarter applications that help us serve clients better – we can help more by running things efficiently.”

Words from Peter Smith, CIO Mission Australia

Antares is committed to delivering the best results to your organisation

Our commitment to your organisation is serious. We will partner with you to provide a solution that fits your organisation’s needs. Antares can show you how to leverage your organisation’s years of experience in the market to utilise funds more wisely, letting you focus on what really matters.

The business issues Antares can assist with include:

  • The amount of time/cost to produce operational reports (finance, operations, Fundraising, sales, HR).
  • The lost opportunity of having IT Staff and Business Analysts manually manipulating data to produce static reports rather than using their skills to gain insight into your data for strategic decision making (IT)
  • The risk of being non-compliant because of inefficient and manual reporting and data collection practises
  • The risk of being uncompetitive with other NFPs

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