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This workshop is specifically designed for non-profit organisations wishing to maximise resources, lower costs, streamline reporting and making the most of their data.

Antares is the experts in Digital Transformation for non-for-profits and is offering an exclusive one-on-one Discovery Workshop to start your Digital Transformation journey.

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Increase your impact with fewer resources.

Having a dedicated resource to extract data and put together reports is time-consuming, expensive and prone to error. Why not automate this process and free up resources to do what you enjoy doing the most? Making an impact!

Antares understands that accurate and timely reporting is central to your future funding levels and overall success as an organisation. With Antares, you will leverage technology to best allocate your resources to streamline operations, maximising the impact for your clients.

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With this Discovery Workshop your organisation:

Will work with Antares’ team of experts on a full strategy tailored to your organisation’s needs and budget. A strategy to optimise your reporting and streamline your operations, to build a dashboard where you can visualise all key information, so you can make smarter decisions. Accurately segment, maximise and increase your donor-base, no fuss.

Mission Australia

“If we provide people with the most efficient tools and the most efficient ways to do things, that allows them to spend more time with clients. In the future we want to be able to create smarter applications that help us serve clients better – we can help more by running things efficiently.”

Words from Peter Smith, CIO Mission Australia

Antares is committed to delivering the best results to your organisation

Our commitment to your organisation is serious. We will partner with you to provide a solution that fits your organisation’s needs. Antares can show you how to leverage your organisation’s years of experience in the market to utilise funds more wisely, letting you focus on what really matters.

The business issues Antares can assist with include:

  • The amount of time/cost to produce operational reports (finance, operations, Fundraising, sales, HR).
  • The lost opportunity of having IT Staff and Business Analysts manually manipulating data to produce static reports rather than using their skills to gain insight into your data for strategic decision making (IT)
  • The risk of being non-compliant because of inefficient and manual reporting and data collection practises
  • The risk of being uncompetitive with other NFPs

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