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KanBoard: Harnessing the power of visualisation to better manage your SharePoint list!

KanBoard is an interactive business tool created by Antares Solutions that converts your lists into an easy to manage, visual board. It allows the user to view individual list items as tiles and using the drag and drop functionality, manage your information in a collaborative manner.

KanBoard Antares

Visualise your lists

KanBoard converts yours lists into movable tiles, allowing the human brain to interpret large amounts of data quickly and more easily compared to traditional lists.

Works with any list

KanBoard is in its element within a SharePoint environment and can be used in both Office 365 (SharePoint Online) as well as in an on premise eco-system.

Drop and Drag

KanBoard’s functionality allows you to manage the status of your list items using the drag and drop features giving the user the ability to capture and present a holistic view of your list data.

Find everything!

When working collaboratively, finding information can sometimes be a difficult task! With the ability to search, filter and categorise your tiles, KanBoard makes working in teams easy and efficient!

View it the way you want

As well as an interactive dashboard, KanBoard allows you to present your lists as charts, to facilitate better analysis and improves the way you present the information within your lists. Working in sprints? KanBoard has the ability to group tiles in sprints, to track every stage of your project implementation.

When to use KanBoard?

KanBoard is widely used by project management teams to help manage multiple projects, campaign management, marketing and event coordination or for helping manage big teams encompassing multiple tasks.

Want to see KanBoard live in action?

Contact our team of consultants today to arrange a demonstration or to further discuss how KanBoard can improve the way your organisation manages its list.