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Intranet portals


Unlock your organisation’s most powerful asset: employee productivity

There’s no denying that staff have access to more technology than ever before. In the Microsoft productivity stack alone, users can choose from apps like Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Delve, OneDrive, Outlook and Skype for Business.

And then there’s other SaaS applications, legacy on-premise systems and other corporate platforms to navigate. Is it any wonder there’s confusion about which tools to use, and when?

While all these technologies have a place, understanding how they fit into a broader technology ecosystem can be challenging.

The solution: an intranet portal that ties everything together.

Custom Intranet Solution

Your intranet: a universal toolkit for empowering staff to work more productively

More than just a document repository, a well-designed and maintained intranet portal helps employees make sense of the countless tools they need to work effectively.

Microsoft SharePoint, for example, isn’t just a stand-alone application. It brings together the best of Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud-based technologies for all staff.

By integrating applications in a single view, it provides:

  • The right information
  • To the right people
  • At the right time

Benefits of SharePoint

The platform trusted by over 100 million users

SharePoint and Office 365 have over 100 million users for a reason. As one of the leading enterprise modern workplace platforms, SharePoint is proven to get results.

We prefer SharePoint for intranet solutions because it:

  • Drives productivity – SharePoint Integrates with many of the applications your employees use every day, saving time and making it easier to get work done.
  • Is a central platform for performing day-to-day tasks – This helps prevent confusion about which tools are best for particular tasks. Almost everything employees need can be made available either within or from SharePoint.
  • Is highly customisable – We can design a SharePoint environment that matches your corporate colours, branding and personality.
  • Has a short learning curve – Most users are familiar with at least one Microsoft product, making it easier to get started than other intranet platforms.

Why Antares

Here’s how Antares can help

We make intranet projects fast, hassle-free and easy. Our Microsoft certified consultants have years of experience handling all aspects of intranet portal design, implementation and maintenance.

We rescue failed SharePoint implementations, upgrade older deployments, enhance functionality and build high-performing intranet portals from scratch. Read more about our SharePoint work or contact us today.

Did you know?

Our team of highly skilled consultants specialise in delivering SharePoint solutions both in on-premise and Cloud environments as well as providing solutions around BI & Data Analytics, Custom Application, Mobility, Migration and Managed Services.