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Advanced Analytics


Transform existing data into relevant, business-critical insights

While there is more data available than ever before, it means nothing if we are not able to use these data to generate information, knowledge and most importantly, actions. That’s when Advanced Analytics comes into play, you may be overwhelmed with the number of systems and applications running in your organisation and the amount of data they generate every day, hour or even minute. You may be dealing with difficulties in creating a single view of your organisation’s operations with data coming from so many places. You want to know the facts now so you can make the right decisions straight away. That is where you can count on us.


Attract new and grow the value of the existing ones at the most efficient cost. These days, good service is no longer enough to attract and retain customers. Shoppers expect brands to not only meet their needs but to anticipate them.


Why is Customer Analytics important?

Customer analysis record provides insight into your customers’ behaviours, preferences and buying patterns. Armed with this data, you can:

  • Improve customer experience performance
  • Plan and control demand more efficiently and accurately
  • Get better results from your loyalty rewards programs
  • Create highly personalised marketing campaigns
  • Segment customers more effectively
  • Predict buying behaviours
  • Encourage repeat business 

We develop tailored, easy-to-use customer analytics solutions for businesses across industries. By combining customer data from sources such as your CRM, data warehouse and marketing automation platforms, you’ll have access to the insights you need to attract and retain high-value customers.


Using optimisation, simulation and decision-analysis algorithms, prescriptive analytics pulls together information from across your business to answer questions like:

  • “What is the best course of action?”
  • “What should we do next?”

The following fit under the prescriptive analytics for business:

Predictive Analytics

To predict the future, you need to understand the past. Predictive Analytics combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, modelling and more to assess past behaviours and develop insights that guide decision-making. For example, a bank might use predictive analytics to identify past fraudulent banking transactions and develop a model for identifying fraud as it happens.

Descriptive Analytics

Let Antares show you how to analyse historical data to reveal new patterns and relationships. With the right tools, it’s easy to query data from multiple systems to create reports, dashboards and aggregated data.

Streaming Analytics

Streaming Analytics is Descriptive Analytics’ more sophisticated cousin. Our team can help you to detect events and patterns in real-time, so you can make precise and swift business decisions.


From preventing problems before they happen to make critical business decisions on the fly, real-time analytics provide the insights you need to reach immediate conclusions.

With a real-time analytics solution from Antares, you can:

  • Reduce time to insight
  • Answer questions as soon as you ask them
  • Adapt to change ahead of your competitors
  • Measure the success of new products or features faster

We make it simple to query and understand data with purpose-built dashboards that anyone in your organisation can use.  Importantly, our real-time analytics solutions incorporate data from any source, in any format, so you can make quick decisions using all available information.

Why choose Antares

At Antares, we consider technology at the end of the process – not the start. That’s why we:

  • Hire talent with a combination of technical, consulting and problem-solving skills
  • Work to understand your organisation and develop solutions that align with business outcomes
  • Create solutions that you can manage, modify and maintain without additional support
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Why Advanced analytics by Antares solutions?

Advanced analytics is an exciting discipline, with new technologies emerging every day. But it takes more than just technology to deliver an advanced analytics solution that actually gets results.