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Is your corporate directory slow, out of date or limited in its search capabilities?

If you answered yes, you may not be getting full value from your corporate directory. As a result, employees may have difficulties:

  • Collaborating across teams
  • Quickly and easily finding the right people with the right skill set for new jobs or projects
  • Understanding how everyone fits into the organisation

This hampers productivity and may prevent your organisation from operating as efficiently as possible.

Introducing Antares OneSearch

We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find the employee information that you need in a hurry. So, we developed OneSearch. It’s a corporate directory that provides fast, effective people search and visual tools. With OneSearch, every organisation can:

  • Gain an accurate and current view of employees in the business
  • Create organisational structures
  • Encourage employees to collaborate in a user-friendly environment


What makes OneSearch great?

Our clients love OneSearch for reasons including:

  • Advanced search capabilities – search by role, skills, experience or specific job criteria. With fuzzy logic search, you can even find an employee if you misspell their name.
  • A single source of truth for employee information – information is drawn from multiple sources to ensure it is always current and accurate.
  • Outlook integration – there’s no need to leave OneSearch to email colleagues, which boosts productivity.
  • Organisational charts made easy – OneSearch automatically creates organisational charts so employees can see what team individuals work in, who they report to, and who they manage.
  • Available on your desktop or intranet – Choose the deployment option that best suits your organisation.

What our clients say

“Antares has been like an extension of our internal team, sharing our passion and accountability. They are easy to work with and bring very good development capability to the table as well as great design creativity that helps us deliver a better, more intuitive user experience to our global user base. The culture fit is great, we enjoy working with an entrepreneurial team that will go the extra mile.”

– Angelo Grasso, CIO, Aristocrat.


Did you know?

Our team of highly skilled consultants specialise in delivering SharePoint solutions both in on-premise and Cloud environments as well as providing solutions around BI & Data Analytics, Custom Application, Mobility, Migration and Managed Services.