Empowering Nonprofits to unlock the true power of their data, to accelerate critical decision-making.

In this on-demand webinar, in partnership with Microsoft, we will showcase of how NFPs can embrace data analytics in the cloud and leverage their data to solve tactical operational and strategic business problems.

This session is specifically designed for Nonprofits to inspire and drive your use of business data, regardless of where you are in your data journey. Learn how simple and cost effective it is for NFPs to get started with data analytics in the cloud, delivering actionable insights across your organisation to accelerate critical decision-making.

Nonprofits embarking on their data journey

This Microsoft-backed session will deliver fresh insights on the NFP business landscape, operating scenarios, evident challenges and industry trends, showcasing how data can help address a wide range of business challenges. Cloud Collective’s Antares is one of only five Microsoft partners chosen globally (and the only in Australia) to work specifically with the Nonprofit sector.

Many Nonprofits still grapple with the concept of leveraging their data and what it can mean for their organisation. Watch what our Nonprofits customers such as Lifeline are achieving, from taking the first steps in your data journey to focusing on sentiment and predictive analytics. Also watch the Centre for Social Purpose, which works with Nonprofits to help them achieve their purpose and commercial objectives through improving operational excellence. We also work with Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact Group which empowers Nonprofits to unlock the true value of their data and accelerate digital transformation.

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