Modern workplace pre-recorded webinar

Modern workplace webinar
On this webinar, we’ve gathered together the CIOs, CTOs, and other business leaders to engage in discussions with solution experts and leaders from the Cloud Collective and Grant Thornton on how smart business consulting + Microsoft’s Modern Workplace tools can significantly improve the productivity of your organisation’s workforce.

Discussion Topics Include

  • Defining your strategic options for a Cloud migration
  • How to achieve Productivity gains through the integration of key business applications
  • How to bypass the cloud hype and develop a winning Modern Workplace strategy
  • How to capitalize on the benefits of increased flexibility and agility that a Modern Workplace provides
  • The importance of change management and effective project control during a digital transformation

Modern Workplace Considerations

  • Implementing best-of-breed Intranet Communication and Collaboration Portals
  • The challenges we face around Security, Regulation and Perception
  • The healthy habit of creating intelligent and automated business processes
  • The importance of making the right technology choices for your organisation
  • Integration with other business applicaitons