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Internet of Things


Build. Control. Analyse. Act.

Is your organisation prepared to store, process and analyse this data?

Whether you’re looking for architecture and design support, or keen to unlock the meaning behind Internet of things (IoT) data to enhance business decision-making, Antares has a solution to meet your needs.

We use Microsoft’s proven IoT and analytics tools – including the Azure IoT suite – to ensure the best possible outcome for your organisation.

These tools harness the latest AI technologies, like machine learning, to make processing and understanding your data simple.

Data stores

Where you store your IoT data matters. We typically recommend Azure Data Warehouse and/or Azure SQL database to make data easy to retrieve, process and interpret.


The insights you need to identify new revenue streams and optimise performance could be locked up in a data store right now. Get access to advanced analytics and insights, such as pattern and anomaly detection, with machine learning for IoT.

Solution architecture and design

Smart solution architecture and design is a critical part of building secure and scalable IoT solutions. It’s also vital for conducting accurate, in-depth analyses and ensuring seamless integration with other systems.


Fact: an IoT implementation doesn’t have to take months or even years.

By using a proven implementation platform like Azure IoT Suite, every business can quickly and easily get started with IoT without costly infrastructure investments. Read more about Antares’ approach to IoT implementation.

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