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If you’re a CFO who’s a bit overwhelmed (or even simply curious) about the complexity and power of Big Data, you’re going to love what we at Antares – one of Australia’s premier business-tech consulting firms – have put together for you.

With decades of corporate, entrepreneurial, and business tech experience between us, our team has created a highly accessible Big Data Analytics Implementation Guide – one specifically designed to help ‘under-the-gun’ CFOs better understand why Big Data implementation is not only the future of their company, BUT their financial careers as well. 

With our guide at your fingertips, you’ll gain:

  1. a solid grasp on what Big Data actually is – we’ll demystify the term and makes it far easier to wrap your mind around
  2. freedom from the stress and/or confusion that surrounds implementation
  3. and a more nuanced insight into Big Data than most people within and outside of your company

What’s more…
When you download The CFO’s Big Data Analytics Implementation Guide you’ll get:

  • An executive summary of the massive impact Big Data is having on the business landscape, and CFOs specifically (we lay out the sources of support for the Big Data wave, and explain WHY Big Data presents an incredible opportunity for the alert and adaptable CFO)
  • Our Stars to Guide the CFO  – we don’t believe in sugarcoating the fact that implementing a Big Data analytics project can be tricky business – our guide give you the heads-up on the common organisational obstacles which can derail a successful implementation
  • Key signposts in the Big Data analytics transformation journey. As a forward focused CFO, you know the 1st step to a successful completion of any journey is knowing where you’re going! Our guide of ‘signposts’ lists and breaks down every major waypoint you need to both see and reach to achieve a smooth, effective implantation of your Big Data project.
  • More on signposts… 1 example is your ‘roadmap’. With what could quickly turn into an overwhelming flood of data, creating your roadmap (a single view of your orgnisation’s operations) will be the difference in making the right decisions or squandering a once-in-a-decade opportunity
  • Mastering the big 3 advanced analytics playing fields. Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics are the core of Big Data, and you better know exactly what they are and how to take advantage of them – our guide shows you just that
  • Education and Communication – No matter how insightful your Big Data collection is, IT’S OF NO USE unless you can effectively present and share that data within your company (this is the act of harmonising the company culture, process and people). Our guide shows you how to share these critical elements of Big Data with all the key players.
  • Best data analytics practices – Simply put, advanced analytics can transform existing data into the sort of business critical insights which solves complex business problems (i.e. they make your life a lot easier and your company way more profitable). With our guide, you’ll gain an overview of all the major actionable insights such as predictive sales and client profitability so you’ll better know how to make the best decisions.
  • Data management and governance – If your data analytics tools aren’t properly managed and governed, the insights you share with your organisation could be suspect – and no one wants that. But our guide spells out ways to keep your tools in tip-top shape so your organisation stays compliant, maintains security over its Big Data asset, and benefits from reliable insights.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) – BI is all about making your CFO life easier and your company more lucrative. But before you even think of implanting it, you 1st need a basic grasp of the tools, applications and methodologies which make up a proper BI system – our guide provides you with just this
  • Traps for the unwary – Yes, Big Data analytics is a very exciting future, but if you go too far too fast, it could snare you in some nasty pitfalls – quickly turning Big Data gold into confusing sludge. Our download not only shows you those traps, but how you can best avoid them
  • Analytics in Action – What’s better than an insightful case study? How about 2 of them? Our guide presents the situations of 2 Antares clients – both with distinct scenarios. It then breaks down each company’s background, it’s unique challenge, the analytic fueled solution we offered, and the immense benefits which resulted.

Again, the goal of The Big Data Implementation Guide is to give you a tactical advantage (over competitors both external AND internal). We view it as a clear, concise tool which will immediately boost your functional knowledge of Big Data, provide you with valuable tips and concepts for promoting and implementing it within your company, AND BEST OF ALL, show you how a successful Big Data implementation can make your job easier while enhancing your value to your company.

But the clock is ticking…

… because as a CFO, every day you’re not preparing yourself for you and your company’s future, is a day your competition is! 

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A Bit About Us…

Antares offers a powerful helping-hand to companies who are seeking to bring their data implementation and analysis, not just into the 21st century, but beyond their competitors.  As an elite team of executives, technical implementation specialists, IT consultants and Business Intelligence experts, we’ve made it our mission to provide invaluable support to businesses (specifically CFOs) with the foresight and ambition to take advantage of the revenue boosting potential of big data analytics.

Now, Why Did We Put This ‘Secret Weapon’ Together For You?

We believe in the power of taking 1-step-at-a-time.

As a client-focused consulting firm, we’re well-aware of the unique pressures the CFOs of today’s world face. So despite our knowledge of the immense power of Big Data analytics, we understand the idea of taking on such a high-tech venture can be quite daunting for those who specialize in finance. This is why we created, The CFO’s Big Data Analytics Implementation Guide – an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to successfully harnessing Big Data.

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